A Trip with Friends

Boy, have I neglected my blog. I didn't post the pix of the hand made gifts that I made. I didn't post the pix of the Christmas decorations. I haven't stamped a thing in weeks. I did do back bends trying to appease everyone for the Ward Christmas Program...and learned a lot about others. I could fill up a post about that one but I'll just let it go.

So...we have these neighbors down the street who are a really fun family. Randy and I coached soccer together last fall. Amy and I work hard tending to 6 kids as they grow, swim, play, do homework, eat, lose things, learn manners, etc. All the kids get along very well. In fact, my kids ask daily about meeting up wtih the E* family.

Randy and Amy invited us to go Splash Village in Frankenmuth, MI on Dec. 23rd for Z*'s bady party. After a few snow storms and non-plowed streets, a sunny trip to an indoor waterpark/hotel was just what we needed.

Tuesday, just after lunch time, we drove up to the place. After lists and discussions by the kids, we the parents put down our collective foot and said, "Kids ride in their own cars with their own parents." A one hour trip. Plus, the roads were slippery and we passed at least a dozen accidents on the road.

After checking in and viewing the splash area from the lobby, we scurried up to our suites to change into swim suits. The kids were so excited to see 2 TVs, a microwave, fridge and a fire place in our suite. Hotel rooms are always fun...especially when good friends are next door.

What a fantastic mini getaway. B/c of the snow, the fact that it was the day before Christmas Eve and the "ECONOMY," the place was pretty quiet. That just gave us more time to run up the 4 story stair cases in order to fly down the 2 water slides which started in the building but tunneled their way outside and then back inside. There was a whirlpool/hot tub. Slides for the little ones and medium sized ones. Wading areas, a large bucket that dumped every 12 minutes or so, lazy river, lily pads to leap on, basketball nets to score on...it was just so much water fun!

I "made" E* go on each of the big water slides one time...and he was hooked. Usually he would scamper up the stairs before I could get out and grab an inner tube (or 2). I was hauling up 2 inner tubes the entire time. (Ken says it was a good work out.)

Since it really sort of empty, the older kids just ran about from one attraction to another. A few falls and stubs, but everyone was safe.

We went to dinner at the Famous Zender's Restaurant. Although Ken and I have stayed at Frankemuth 3 times, we have only gone to the Bavarian Inn. This was a fun change of pace. (And the chicken dinner was probably even better...though they serve the same menu!) After eating, we checked out the shops for a few minutes and then drove back to Splash Village for more wet fun!

Late, we went back up to our rooms to dry off and go next door to Z's birthday party...cake and hotcocoa! We stayed a while...but everyone was tired from the frolic and fun so we retired to bed after a bit.

The next morning, we were up and ready at 9am for some swimming fun. More rides, slides and splashing! We left our rooms at the stroke of 11 am...checked out the Arcade where C and N hit it big time when the attendant gave one a bag full of army men and the other an extra super huge missile blaster.

We got out just before the storm...rain storm on this side of the state...whew! Driving was faster than on the way up...but it was slippery. We got home, unloaded relaxed, napped...dined on left over chicken.

And then just as I was getting started on the Christmas Eve feast treats...WE LOST POWER. And, here, we lose power for days. DAYS. I have done is several times. In ice storms with no power and no heat. Searing August days when I'm 9 months pregnant and have no water or AC. And everything in between. This time, I just did not want to do it on Christmas. Not when we wake the kids up at midnight, welcome in Baby Jesus and then set to work on gifts. And food. Just not on Christmas. So I was pretty miserable for a few hours. But thankfully, DTE came through and the power was restored in time for me to make sausage rolls, muffins for breakfast and potatoes for the next day.

**We're looking forward to New Year's Eve with the E* Family!!

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