Why is it that I am forever busy?
I think, "When the kids finish school, I'll have time."
"When the kids get back into school, I'll have time."
"After Christmas..."
"After Spring Break..."

It's just never ending, isn't it!

Let's just make sure we stop and look and enjoy...
even in our busy times.

Many people enjoy fall...pumpkins, comfort food, Halloween, Thanksgiving, sweaters...
A time to reflect and be grateful.

So, when will you have time to whip up a card? haha....
Here is a fun, card, with a new fold of sorts...
that you can whip up and impress. Maybe b/c it isn't the same old size.
Additionally, it fits into a small, tall envie...from a regular store/dollar store...etc.

Cut your decorative paper 6 x 7 inches.  Along the 7 inch side, score at 3.5 inches. 
Cut a triangle slice.  See example..or make it your own.
Make a tag for inside the card...Stamp a fun image or sentiment.

The Project Bin has a great new set called New Leaf.
These solid stamps coordinate well with simple patterns on my paper.

A few simple cut outs and wow...can't leave of bling!

Easy peasy...
And snazzy!  
I think the colored twine is a throw back to sweaters!

This is a great way to make a fall card...quick, cute...and clever!!

Thanks for checking this blog post out...
I'm back to my ToDo list!
I have 19 minutes before *I* turn into a pumpkin!


A Chuckle...

I always feel like an encouraging word will make all the difference...
as well as a chuckle!  So I created this card using Eyelet Outlet's soon to be released drain pipe brads.
I'm sure you are squealing with delight and anticipation.
BUT...do you see those rain drop bling?
They are available NOW!!

What are you waiting for?
Zip on over there and stock up on bling!!

In the mean time...
Have a simply wonderful day!

Dawn Mercedes, of Sunnyside Up



I was just telling a new crafty pal friend of mine that I enjoy "fancy fold cards." 
Then, I took a step back and realized that I while I might like them,
I certainly rarely create them!!
So, here is a tri fold...with a peek a boo window...

The sentiment and spider stamp come from 

(Sorry, the house is some discontinued image from yesteryear. 
But you could easily draw or cut one out.)

When it unfolds...you have this three paneled canvas to write on and embellish!
I stamped the darling spider on the back of the house image.  
How do you like them apples? haha

The washi tape, bling and brads can be found at Eyelet Outlet.

Do you have favorite fancy fold cards?
Share some ideas with me! So I can walk the walk, and not just talk the talk..

But ooh, green striped striped stockings look swell!

Don't trip on any cobwebs!
For more inspiration, check out The Project Bin's Blog!



If you are a western gal at heart,
be sure to grab this set of stamps from The Project Bin!
Cowgirl Up! will get your spurs a spinnin!

You gotta love the large graphic sentiments from this company.
There is no other like them!
And..the pair well with any embellies you have on hand...
such as these decorative brads from Eyelet Outlet.


New Fancy Bling

New fancy bling from Eyelet Outlet!
Pairs well with paper flowers, bling/enamel, and butterfly brads!


Flower Bling!

Eyelet Outlet has several new styles of fancy bling in the store this week.
This Flower Bling can easily double as snowflake bling, given the right backdrop.

These wintery Cardinal Brads give this winter card a splash of warmth
and a smile!  Other supplies used: Holly brad, glitter washi tape.

I hope your day is sunny...
we can all wait for the snow flakes!

Thanks for peeking in on Eyelet Outlet today!

Dawn Mercedes, of Sunnyside Up.


Time to decorate!

I love to decorate for each season...
so this sentiment from The Project Bin tickled my funny bone.
Plus, a year or two ago, I noticed that a friend did not have Halloween decor in her home even though she and younger kids and they enjoyed Halloween dress up fun.
She said she had "no time?"
No time and never had decorations.
So I went through my bins and decorated her house so that her kids could enjoy it!!
So, she might be getting this card soon!

This is a newer set from The Project Bin
called Creepy Halloween.  Though it is way too cute to be creepy!

Do you enjoy Halloween? 

Washi tape and bling from Eyelet Outlet. Glue Dots® made putting this card together as easy as tearing down a cob web!