Just One!

You can make any Eyelet Outlet sticky back bling into ornaments...but using a fine tipped marker to create the "hanger" of choice.  Here I also used holiday washi tape for the boarder and accents!  This simple card can be reproduced for everyone on your christmas card list!

Merry Crafting!
Dawn Mercedes, of Sunnyside Up



Starring the lovely, scripty sentiment from The Project Bin...

with washi tape and fancy bling strips from Eyelet Outlet.


Elf Place Setting

Glue Dots Adhesives
Designed for Glue Dots® and published on the company blog.
Add a bit of holiday magic during dinner parties in December…or make your kids smile during your family dinners with the reminder that Santa is watching! 
Made By: Dawn Mercedes Barrett
Time: 20 minutes
Level: Moderate Handiness
Size: 3.5 x 6.25 inches
  • Glue Lines®
  • Craft Dots™
  • Red and Green card stock
  • Glitter card stock
  • Black buttons
  • Black felt
  • Pencil/eraser
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Cutting mat
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Scissors for paper
  • Electronic die cut machine
  • Score Board
Use your electronic die cutting machine to cut pillow box, approximately 6.25 inches long.  Tip: You may also use a pencil to trace a template. Cut out with scissors.
Trim the rounded portion, as illustrated in the photo, on one side of the pillow box.  Cut buckle shapes out of the glitter card stock that measure 1.5 x 1.75 inches.
Use a scoring board to create side folds, horizontal to each other. 
Use Glue Lines  to create a tube like shape. 
Use a rotary cutter and cutting mat and cut felt strips into 11" x 1" strips. Add Glue Lines to the strip. Center it on the front and wrap it around to the back.  Use fabric scissors to trim the felt along the back. Next, use Glue Lines to adhere the buckle on top of the black felt band.
Use Craft Dots to add black buttons to the front to complete the look.
Tip: Clip buttons off of worn out dress shirts or other clothes before disposing them to add to your button collection!
~ Dawn

Implied Reindeer


Bright and Blingy Holiday Card

Check out how you can use these flower blings this holiday season.

Dazzle your friends and family this year with light through our bling!

Dawn Mercedes, of Sunnyside Up


Joy Holiday Home Decor

Add holiday joy to your home decor with handmade crafts using Glue Dots. Designer Dawn is on our blog to show you how.
Here's what you need:
Here's What you do:
First, cut your canvas or burlap to fit inside your frame.  Out of felt, free hand cut letters to spell JOY, as well as a red heart. Use the embroidery floss to do a blanket stitch around the letters.
Glue Dots JOY Holiday Decor
Layout the buttons to create a wreath and leave room at the bottom for "JOY." Using Craft Glue Dots, adhere the buttons to the canvas. Then, use 1" Glue Lines to adhere the letters. Use a Pop Up Glue Dot to give the heart added dimension.
Joy Holiday Home Decor
Finally, make a bow using ribbon and embellish with two pearl head pins. Adhere to the wreath using Pop Up Glue Dots.
Holiday Joy Home Decor
That's it!
Happy Holidays,
P.S. You can find all of the supplies for this project at your local Hobby Lobby and Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores.


Muffin Tin Advent Calendar

Make this sweet treat of an advent calendar to count down 24 days until the big man in the red suit arrives at your house. Each mini muffin space can hold a chocolate treat or peppermint. Why not write up a list 24 holiday activities that you want to complete with your family this year. Some ideas could be: go caroling, bake cookies, read a Christmas story, etc. Type up each idea and cut them out into strips! Christmas comes just once a year and you can make the month of December full of family activities with the help of Glue Dots®!
Made by: Dawn Mercedes Barrett
Time: 2 hours
Level: Intermediate
Size: 11 x 17 x 1 inches
Here's what you need:
  • Glue Dots® Craft Dots™
  • Glue Dots® Permanent GlueTape™
  • Thin cardboard (Cereal boxes work great!)
  • Carta Bella 6"x6" card stock collection: Snow Fun pad
  • Main Stays 24 cup mini muffin pan
  • Rhinestones
  • Coordinating cardstock
  • 1" red satin ribbon (about 18 inches)
  • ½ inch magnetic strip
  • Decorative trim
  • Other embellishments as desired
  • Print out of advent numbers on cardstock. (Black or Brown to coordinate with your paper choice.)
  • eClips by Sizzix or other electronic die cutting machine
  • round and scallop punches
  • scissors
Here's what you do:
Use your electronic die cutting machine to cut 24 shapes, approximately 2.5 inches each, out of thin weight cardboard. Using decorative paper, cut out 24 paper shapes to cover the cardboard.
Using your die cutting machine or hand punches or dies, punch out the advent numbers. Choose coordinating colors of paper and cardstock and cut out additional layers. Lay them out and arrange them as you would like for your presentation.
Use Craft Dots in each corner of the card board shape to secure it to a piece of decorative paper. Be careful to match edges and sides. Add layers by using Permanent GlueTape. 
Tip: Add Glue Dots to the printed side of your cardboard. This will leave the clean, blank side showing on the back for a neat look.
Add embellishments such as rhinestones. Remember to use additional Glue Dots if needed to secure bling.
Cut the magnetic tape into ½ x ½ inch squares and apply two to the back side, on opposite corners. Fill the muffin tins with chocolate or mints and cover with your decorated square.
Another idea it to add one holiday themed activity to do each day to keep looking forward to Christmas!
Dress up your kitchen with a bit of holiday flair when you use Glue Dots and a mini muffin pan to plan out your holiday activities leading up to the arrival of Old St. Nick!

Seasons Greetings!

Although Thanksgiving is next week for Americans,
winter is upon us for the norther hemisphere!
Check out the fun winter/Christmas/holiday brads from Eyelet Outlet.
This Cardinal Brad has some matching washi tape (used on the inside of the card).
Both of these products are fan favs!

Cardinal Washi Tape

Love the many styles and sizes of Eyelet Outlet Bling!

I love the large, bold sentiments from The Project Bin. These can be the focal point because of their lovely fonts and meanings!

Enjoy your day!
Dawn Mercedes, of Sunnyside Up!


Country Chic Christmas Countdown

Glue Dots Adhesives
This project was created for Glue Dots ® and is published on their blog.
A brightly colored Advent Calendar is a great and fun way for the family to count down to Christmas! Using some coordinating colors and papers makes this project the perfect, functional decoration for the up-coming holiday.
Made by: Dawn Mercedes Barrett
Time:  45 minutes
Level:  Moderate Handiness
Size:  15" x 15" 

  • Glue Lines®
  • Craft Dots™
  • Permanent GlueTape
  • Christmas inspired/colored patterned paper
  • White card stock
  • Santa Stamps (if desired)
  • Momento Dye Ink (optional) 
  • 25 wooden clothes pins
  • 24 inches of red satin ribbon (1/2 inch wide)
  • Chipboard 
  • Pencil/paper
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Electronic diecut machine
  • 1.25 and 1.5 inch paper punches
  • Crop-a-dile
  • Eyelet
  • Scissors
  • Countdown numbers
Using your electronic diecut machine, cut out a 7” circle from your chipboard and one from a Christmas patterned paper. 
Tip:  The back of a paper pack has a great piece of chipboard/cardboard that is perfect for this project!
Continue to cut out a 3.25” white card stock circle and a 3” circle out of contrasting patterned paper.  Stamp a Santa or snowman image on the smallest circle, if desired.  Glue together all circles in a concentric pattern using the GlueTape ®.
Cut patterned paper into ¾” strips. These will be used to cover the wooden clothes pins. Use 1” Glue Lines ® to adhere the paper to the clothes pin. Then trim off the excess using scissors. I re-used the strips until I ran out and cut more as needed.country-chic-count-down-to-christmas-calendar-glue-dots
Print off (or create your own) the PDF of the count down numbers onto white card stock. Cut out the numbers using the 1.25” circle punch. Use coordinating colored papers and cut out 25 circles using the 1.5” paper punch.  Use Permanent GlueTape to adhere the numbers to the colored circles. Then, still using the GlueTape, add them to the ends of each clothes pin. 
Tip:  Remember to alternate patterns and colors before adhering them together.
At the top of the circle, insert an eyelet using a Crop-a-dial tool. Thread the satin ribbon through and tie a knot. This will be used to hang up your calendar.
Once you have all the pieces cut out for this project, younger kids and family members can help glue it together. Create memories as you make this calendar, and even more as you count down to the arrival of Santa Claus!
 ~ Dawn