Christmas Eve in Pictures

Some may think that waking up your kids at the stroke of midnight on Christmas Day to open gifts is crazy. But I *LOVE* it!! It's a fun and relative unique tradition that was instilled in me. We had so much enjoyment getting up while all our friends were still asleep. Loved watching everyone open their gifts one at a time...and who doesn't like to feast at 2:30 AM!! haha. Besides that, then everyone (including mom) can sleep in the next morning. Here are some of the pix from our Midnight Festivities!

A groggy E* still half asleep.

M*'s most anticipated gift...a magic kit!

Granny and Papa gave M* an MP3 player and she is speechless...and totally surprised! (Notice the quilt there...my handmade gift to her.)

C* in the robe that I made him...which, 36 hours later, he is STILL wearing it! (These brothers are inspecting a whoopie cushion.)

I think that this was one of C's first gifts that he opened...a Wii game. And he went right to work at reading the inside pamphlet. If he couldn't play the wii on Christmas Eve, he sure would be ready to play the next morning!

E received the gift he was hoping for...a cash register. Unfortunately, it fell apart and was returned the next day. We'll be looking for a new one or perhaps a remote control car!

Ken has this thing about posed pictures which drives me batty. But here is the typical line up with everyone holding a few treasured gifts. (I prefer candid, natural shots.)

E took over the camera for a few minutes while Ken was opening one of his gifts...Sorry Dad!

This is E* posing in his Jedi costume that I sewed for him.

A day in PJs...and a finished Lego Star Wars ship...6 mini figures and several great features...which he will have to blog about on his own blog!

Merry Christmas!!


Great Grandma Lin said...

what a unique idea to get up at midnight and open gifts...where did that idea come from? so how do you handle santa? I tried to ignore him...well it's over and we enjoyed seeing the excitement of the grandkids and the tiredness of the parents...brought back lots of memories. on to the new year.

Michelle said...

what wonderful pictures!
We do Christmas eve gift giving as well..(much easier to do with a 15 yr old..without the concerns about Santa's arrival etc)
Thanks for sharing Dawn...
PS.the robe and quilt are lovely!

Kathy said...

Love hearing about your Christmas traditions and seeing pics of your kids. Merry Christmas!

Renee said...

I love the pix of the kids with their presents! I'm glad you had a great Christmas.


PS I'm trying to kill time and I"m a nervous reck to I thought I'd get on here before I have to leave for the wedding!