Me...A Pony

C* told me this joke today as I was washing dishes. Something about me being a pony. B/c I was a "little hoarse."

And really, the worse part of being hoarse right now is that I can not sing. It's Christmas time, a time filled with songs and music, and I can't sing.

I tried singing to the caroles on the radio as I drove to Joann's to pick up more thread tonight...and C* was right.

I'm a Pony.


wispy willow said...

C'mon now.... even Kermit the Frog sings Christmas Carols. You can do it... at leastin the relative privacy of your own home or your car. If I don't have the world's worst voice, I am definitely in the top ten... but, I'll put on a little Streisand and blare it out while doing my stage routine on the lawn. Great fun! I've only been caught once... it would have been embarrassing if it hadn't been so dang funny.

And you are SO right! How can you NOT sing with Christmas music?

Kristine said...

:) THAT'S priceless! Kids are too funny!!

LOVE your background, btw--very cheery and bright ♥♥♥

Susan said...

do you know, when i am a horse, i neigh my way through all sorts of songs and it really does help to get the voice to return...i think it's the singing in a higher range than when we talk...there's some sort of mystical breakthrough...try it.