Ken's Christmas Gift

I had ordered Ken's Christmas gift online last week. On Friday, C* and I were folding laundry upstairs while Ken and the other 2 kids went to pick out a tree. The doorbell rang and C* answered the door. He brought up the box. As soon as I held it, I knew it was empty.

So I opened the package (which looked untampered with.) And sure enough...there was some squished brown wrapping paper and the invoice. NO GIFT. (Can't post what it was since Ken might decide to take a look at my blog.)

Luckily for me, the invoice had a phone number on it that I could call. Which I did and they are "opening an investigation." A new one will be shipped out shortly...and quicly (I hope).

Ken's Christmas gift has certainly given me a run around. First I was trying to find a "deal" on this...then I bought one, found one online at a better price...and now have to return the B&M item...and wait for the replacement from the internet order! Maybe he needs coal like C* inquired!


Great Grandma Lin said...

The adventures of an online shopper. I would hold onto the first gift bought in case the other one doesn't materialize. good luck.

Susan said...

connor gets coal? oh I hope not...say it isn't so!

KOstvig said...

I hope that your present comes quickly...Sorry you're having a hastle, but the Coal story is cute...got to love kids

Michelle VP said...

Bummer! I hope they get the replacement to you quickly!