Seriously...fun, fun, fun!

I was just deleting emails when I saw a message from Starvingartistamps...directing me to Heidi's blog. Now I have certainly checked this blog 3 times a day for the last week hoping to see my name. haha...AND THERE IT WAS! Thank you to Tracey for giving me the nudge to check it out again tonight!

And boy...I might just have to break down and buy the 2nd half of the Tropics set. One of my cyber stamping friends and I went halvies on it. Of course, McK* was miffed that we weren't getting the pirate, treasure chest, sand castle, jet ski, flag and penguin...the penguin! haha. It was just not fair to her!

I love the sentiment: Be still and listen. B/c that's probably the phrase that should be stamped and sent to me on a card...haha.

And E* and M* need that "You're the peanut to my jelly" phrase. Read back if you missed that over heard silly!

Thanks a bunch Heidi and Tracey! These will be well loved...and INKED!


Great Grandma Lin said...

congrats weiner...winner!

Barb Nelson said...

You lucky dog!! I just got an order from starving artist yesterday. I plan on inking a few of them up for todays ATC challenge (great one btw!) If you want to go halvies on another set (so you can get all the images your kiddos want ;) ) let me know!!

Katie Cotton said...

i'm so so jealous but so happy for you! :)

Unknown said...

You are very welcome, I love that hut sweet hut card you made, it will need to go on our blog!