Limited Supply Challenge...again

I am hostessing this week's Limited Supply Challenge. Feel free to play along here.

Many families are looking at the calendar and thinking about going back to school. When you send you loved ones off, why not send them a nice thought in the middle of the day too. I stick notes and cards inside of my husband's and my kids' lunches on a frequent basis. While you are stocking up on school supplies, stock up on some ATC sized cards too.

Make an "ATC Card" to let a family member know you are thinking about them in the middle of the day. Then sneak it into their lunch box, laptop case, wallet, etc. You could lay it on their pillow or prop it up next to their mirror...whereever they are most likely to see it!

For an ATC card...start with a paper that is 3.5 x 5 inches. Then fold it in half. Voila...an ATC card. If you want one that is slightly larger, try starting off with a quarter sheet of paper and folding it in half. This is a fun way to use up scraps of paper. Small images can become the focal point.

**Extra bonus points go out to those who use their dollar acrylic stamp sets that are just sitting in a drawer in your craft area!

So...I need to stock up on ATCs for the upcoming lunches. Though truthfully, I don't make them into cards....Just a one sided ATC. I can write on the back!


Great Grandma Lin said...

hi, i used to write on my husband's napkin in his lunch but this is a cuter idea...you are creative and energetic...

Katie Cotton said...

super fun. I've actually never made an atc card. I think i might have to try it out. :)