Hut Sweet Hut

So...I am hoping that my mom and dad have already received this card that I made them ... to welcome them into their new home.

Made from Starvingartistamp...Doodlefactory stamps. Today my neighbor said that they need to give me a bonus or discount for all the stampers who I have introduced to their line of stamps. haha. Wouldn't that be nice! But I'd settle on a nice spot on their design team. Actually, the company is going to be at a stamp/scrap expo in Novi, MI next weekend. I'd really love to go...but I'd also like to go with someone. I guess we'll see.

I have another neighbor down the street who is a Yogini. A female yoga teacher. We've spent the summer lounging at the pool while the boys and 1 girl frolicked. So earlier this week, I asked her, "What is the difference between yoga and pilates?" She has been telling me a bunch about yoga over the last few days. Today, she was in my living room and did a demonstration for me. Boy, is she awesome at it! Seriously. I was amazed. I tried a few of the "beginning" poses. But M* pretty much showed me up. Amy says she has a natural flexibility. Now M* wants to take a yoga class. Actually I thought I'd take a class while E* is in school but after seeing Amy's skill, I'm not too sure! haha. I'm no where as flexible as those two yoginis! Ken is just happy I'm talking about something other than rubber stamps. No...I'm pretty sure stamping is still going to be #1 around here.

A relaxed pose. Now M* and I will watch movies together...sitting like this...instead of lounging together on the couch...haha.

Something impressive with hand that are "bound."

Reverse Plank...I think...but she should be relaxing her neck so her head hangs down.


Susan said...

she can't put her head down and be the star of the pix! But it is most impressive. I think she needs to be a Yogimistress.

wispy willow said...

My first thought is ... OUCH!!
When I was in my "glory years" I used to lay on my ntummy and wrap my feet around my neck. Now, I call it a good day if I can lay on my tummy and lift my head. I've never lost the desire to try Yoga, though. I love how limber your girls are. Keep them at it... and join them. You'll be doing those pretzel poses as well as you do stamping sooner than you think!

Susan said...

The card came yesterday. What's interesting is that I didn't read that first line when I first read this entry so I was totally surprised to receive the card. It's on our dresser, welcoming us and loving us for you! Thanx baby dawn-o

Great Grandma Lin said...

yoga is good and the earlier you start the better...don't ever try to compare yourself with others, just get the good out of it for you. breathing and relaxing can help you make better cards!!!