Urban Fairies

For those who are now interested in fairy doors:


is the best site...esp. for fairies naitive to Ann Arbor, MI. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the various locations. There is even one at the Google Building in Ann Arbor. Wow!


Great Grandma Lin said...

sorry i don't believe in fairies, tooth or otherwise or the easter bunny or santa claus. must be a realist or maybe it's left over from my disallusionment when i found out the truth about santa...and i didn't want my children to get confused about that and the religious beliefs that i was teaching them. aunt lin

jbw said...

pssst... I don't "believe" in fairies either! HOWEVER I can imagine them. And I DO!

It is my opinion that believing in something does not make it "real", just as disbelief does not make the real...unreal.

Fer instance, either God is real or not... our belief does not change that either way. I Do believe in God, but it is not my belief that makes God exist.

BTW...What IS "the truth about Santa?" :)