Fairy Doors

Barb wanted some links for fairy doors. Interestingly enough, someone who looks to be an expert with this phenomenom posted a comment yesterday to my blog. Although his blog, U.F.O (the urban fairies operations), hasn't been updated in a while, it looks as if there is a bunch of info. He seems to be a published author too...so I'll have to see if I can find the book.

I just typed fairy doors into the google search engine. (Ooh, I was just at Michael's and forgot to look for doors! doh!) I also PMed my good fairy lover, or rather faerey lover, Jessica of Faerey Wings and Stamping Things. And SHE didn't know about them either. So I don't feel so bad.

It's dreadfully cold out there today....why didn't I remember to look for the doors! I was even walking around a bit b/c I had to go to the dollar store that didn't open until 10am...and I didn't want to stand out in the blustery wind that kept me up all night.

Okay, okay. I"ll just have to remember the next time!


Jan Scholl said...

see what I spawned in my insomnia induced blog reading at 2 AM? Ann Arbor is quite a place to explore-odd little shops-ethnic eating-the summer fairs. I would live there if I actually wanted to stay in Michigan. Being a vegetarian isnt anything unusual in that town.

jbw said...

We EAT vegetarians here.