On an early post,

Jan Scholl said...
Come the nice weather, you should go to Ann Arbor and do the fairy door tour
here is the site for more info but I bet she would love it (and some great outdoor dining too!)

"What??? There are fairy doors?!?" I said to my mom after telling her that school has been canceled due to "weather conditions." And in Ann Arbor...not too far, far away! Fairy doors. We must get a fairy door! M* is eager too. Of course Mom knew about these little passage ways for years. Thinking no one cared, she didn't tell us. Is she not reading this blog! haha.

Ken wanted to know "what weather conditions?" as he was walking out the door for work. I told him to stay home for an hour. But he had an 8:30 meetings. I said, "Skip that one." Then he said, "And a meeting at 9am." Which means, it's non stop meetings all day. I think that is how it goes when you are the project manager for the largest and newest powertrain project that EDS has...and "Maybe even the world." That was the latest bit of news about his job. I only get it in snippets and usually if I over hear him talking about it to someone else!

Definitely, we need a fairy door. M* wants one for the front of the house and/or her room. I want one on the book case...wait, we don't really have a book case out in the public area. My friend M* has columns in her foyer area...she needs a door on the column...it would make a really nice home for a family of fairies.

Meanwhile, I need to figure out when and how to reschedule our Brownie meeting/Investiture Ceremony.


Rochelle W said...

I want a fairy door. They are so cute.

Barb Nelson said...

You *do* need a fairy door. And the more I think about it, the more I think we need one at our house too. I think I know the perfect spot. Do you have any links regarding the fairy doors? Customs, traditions, etc??

jbw said...

It's bit chilly for a tour!
Unfortunately The Door at the Selo Shevel Gallery has been vandalized. The fiary tickets have been jammed up at The Ark for quite a while. BUT, it is still a fun thing to do..