Fairy Nice

Tonight, I suggested to M* that we make a mailbox to leave notes for the fairies. She agreed and this is what we came up with. (While the seam in the paper is noticeable in these pix, in real life, you can barely see it. I must be one of those "the camera adds 10 lbs to you." Only in crafting, it glaringly shows the seams!

And admittedly, O* is probably the most gentle, quiet, timid student in M8's class. So if she had to hear the fairy truth from someone, at least it was from someone who is sweet and a friend.


Lin said...

What fun memories you are making with your daughter. Think I missed something by only having sons...aunt lin

Rochelle W said...

I love this mailbox. My favorite part about it is that it isn't a valentine one. I love it!!