Cub Scout Awards

I was asked for some award ideas to give to the volunteers that help our Cub Scout troop out. Here is what I made:

Helping Hand Award
...for the person who always lends a helping hand. In this case...our treasurer.

Golden Knot Award
...goes to our Cub Master

Good Egg Award
...goes to the special person who has been a good sprot by helping the pack...this time to the man incharge of Scouting for Food.

Wet Sponge Award
...goes to the newest leader who needs help soacking up all the new info...

Big Heart Award
...for someone who shows real dedication so to the Cub Scout program...goes out to our Charter Representative.

Bright Idea Award
...to the preson who always has good ideas...our Cub Master to be.

Go-For Award
...I made two of these for the men who are in charge of the upcoming Pinewood Derby. These were fun!

Banquet Award
...goes to the lady who has run/coordinated/planned the Blue and Gold Dinner.

Life Saver Award
...to the person who assisted the pack with a problem...aka Popcorn Sales!

Link to Scouting Award
...to the leader who has helped prepare the boys for Boy Scouts...goes to the Webelos 2 Leader.

M.A.R.F Award
..."Maintain Absolute Rigid Flexibility" goes to the Committee Chairman.

On the Ball Award
...my favorite one to make (hehe) goes to the energetic volunteer.

Not pictured:
Go Getter Award
...an inflated balloon full of "hat air" for "Go power for the go-getter."

On the bottom of the bases, I made a little card with the award name, recipient, troop number and year.


QuiltNut Creations said...

those are fabulous Dawn!

Great Grandma Lin said...

how clever can you get...you should get the most creative award maker award!! aunt lin

Susan said...

Way Clever. Report back on how they were all received.

Lisa said...

These are just too creative! I bet it's going to be a great awards presentation.

Michelle VP said...

You came up with such clever ideas! What fun they must have been to make. :)

Michelle VP said...

You came up with such clever ideas! What fun they must have been to make. :)

delpaul said...

Thanks for the wonderful ideas!!! I am a cub leader and this is great!

I will DYB and DOB into creating something as cool as your awards for my cub pack.


Maddy said...

They are brilliant awards. I wonder if you would be deeply offended if I asked whether I might borrow or steal you 'bright idea award' so that I can pass it on to a pal of mine?
Best wishes