Monday Minute

Here is the quick run down of my life...a Monday Minute!

I am doing a lot of volunteering for the kids. Not sure why since I would prefer to be home and a hermit for the most part. haha.

I'm starting a Brownie troop...and boy, I'm not sure what I am doing to set up it, let alone the "meetings" part.

I am going to be teaching Junior Achievement in C*'s and probably McK's classrooms.

Ken and I are now responsible for C's cub scout pack newsletter...which really means that *I* will be doing the newsletter.

Looks like I will be doing some holiday craft projects in McK's class.

Oh and I"m in charge of Round #7 of the PIF thread.

Did I meantion that I haven't sewed those doll clothes yet??? And my blog template is still harvest festive...where is the winterland wonder??

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jodene said...

Wow Dawn you really are busy. We do appreciate all you do!!