A quick post b/c my blog is neglected...

As all Decembers seem to do, time is flying. I tried to get my Christmas things done before Thanksgiving. To a good extent I did. Though, McK*'s doll clothse are no where near being done and I don't have a gift for my husband. But, I'm sure that will be taken care before Santa gets here.

A week or so ago, E* requested that the Christmas tree be put up in the front room. We have a wall that has 3 large, almost floor to ceiling windows in the front of the house. So, we put up the tree in there on Saturday. Boy, does it look nice. Now that we spend most of our days in the front room/art room, it makes sense to have the tree in there as well. C* and his dad picked out a really nice one this year. Great shape and size.

The kids voted for colored lights. We only had 2 small strands so things were put on a stand still until more could be bought. Though, even with those few lights, the tree was lovely at night. We will be decorating it tomorrow I guess and then I'll post a pix.

E* is still sick. We went back to the doctor's for new medicine. Hopefully this will kick out the germies! No fun being stuck home...or missing so much preschool!

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Quilt Nut said...

poor E. hope she is on the mend!