Pay It Forward...

Bloggers are passing around a new tag...Pay It Forward.

If you were my reader back in the beginning, you will remember that I had a Pay It Forward (PIF) blog candy contest. So I'm pretty glad it's catching on!

My blogger buddy, Rochelle of "Impressions", offered up a goodie package provided you were willing to "pay it forward." I agreed to play along. Here is the goodies that came in the mail today:

Now it's my turn. I will take the first two people that comment on this post and are willing to "Pay it Forward" themselves. Put your e-mail address in the comment so I can get your mailing address. (U.S. only this time. Christmas is coming and I need to save my pennies!)

Now check this out:

Don't you wish your name was "Ellie?" Last Sunday, my friend Ellie gave me a ton of stamping stuff...oodles of stamps, punches, paper, templates. I made this little ensemble to show my gratitude. (The colors are much better in real life.)

I can't wait to see who is going to Pay It Forward next! (PS...Lorie is the only one so far. Gremhog has decided to let someone else play this fun game. If you want to play, post a comment!!)


Susan said...
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Lorie said...

I can change my name to Ellie! LOL! Am I one of the first two?

Rochelle W said...

I am glad that you got the package. I can't wait to see what you make. Thanks for playing Dawn.

MelissaS said...

I'd love to pay it forward if you still have a spot! schabelml@gmail.com

Great Grandma Lin said...

well, you know a little about me i'm into winning prizes, so i'll join the pay it forward group if it isn't too late. lin