Pay It Forward Players

Okay...here are the first two responders to the Pay It Forward game:

Lorie of Live, Laugh, Love, Create


Melissas of What do you (th)ink?

I'll be getting your treats out to you on Tuesday since tomorrow is a postal holiday. (Sorry, Aunt Lin. You were a few minutes too late.)

BTW, my friend Ellie loved the gift set. I gave it to her just before church started. She oohed and aahed over it all...showing it to the woman who was sitting in the pew behind her. I said, "You've spoiled me, so I want to spoil you." Once I get my hands on some of those ellusive large paper clips sold at Walmart...I'll make her a cute collection of decorative clips!


gremhog said...

i discovered yesterday that I have 2 packages of those clips in my stampin station. one gold, one silver. But mine were from Staples

Lin said...

thanks for calling me "Aunt Lin". being an only child and my husband has only one brother and we never see his family in Texas, I've not had many chances to be called Aunt Lin. You Dawn look just like your mom did when I first met her back in the 1970s when we returned from Brazil, about the time she married your dad who I think is one of the finest men I've ever met. Sorry we missed so many years of relating but now through the internet there are more and new opportunities to have a distant relationship. Talk to me more about Hatch genealogy sometime. Lin