A treat for Savannah Stamper...

My big sis this DSS round is a friendly stamper named Savannah...Savannah Stamper. hehe. At least that is her alias! The other day she sent me a package filled with treats...sweet treats for all 3 kids and sweets and supplies for MOI!

Since she is so tricky, and doesn't use her return address, I can not send her an occasional card back! The following tutorial is a treat for Savannah Stamper. She asked for directions and here is a tutorial! (I got a card like this from Mybearybest on SCS.)

Pop Up Card

Start off with a piece of card stock: 4.25 x 11 inches.

Stamp as you wish.

Score CS as shown. Score at: 1", 2.75", 3.75", 5.5", 7.25", 8.25", 10".

Your paper should look like this.

Using a ruler and exacto knife, cut a slim rectangle out in the center of the paper. Leave a little more than a quarter inch on either side. You may want to apply some scotch tape to reinforce this thin area.

Create your center piece...the piece that will POP out of the card. It's dimensions should be no larger than 3.25"x 5.5".

On the long piece of card stock, apply sticky strip or use your ATG gun.

Crease your score lines. Apply the middle panel as shown above.

Then as you fold up the long piece, slide the decorated panel through the slit.

A side view for those visual crafters!

Keep folding the long card stock so that a box is formed. The end sections fold up...inside of the box. They hold the center panel.

Bottom view.

Add finishing touches to you card.

This card can be flattened and it will then fit into a standard size envelope.


Michelle VP said...

Wonderful tutorial, Dawn! I love the animals stacked up on each others backs and how you made parts of them 3-D. I first got a card like this from lacyquilter. They're so fun to make! :)

Susan said...

great card! Wow!

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous, and you make it look so easy! I'm wishing I had that John Lennon sentiment now! What set was that in?

Jenifer Vanpelt

Dr Sonia S V said...

Dear Dawn I love your tutorial and made a card by slightly tweaking your instructions.Shall post it on Wednesday with a link to you
Cheers from India

Anonymous said...

Fantastic card and tutorial! Thank you : )