E*'s Spaceship

Just as I sat down to post the previous tutorial, my son came up to me with much excitement. He said, "I made this for you!" as he brandished this amazine spaceship on his hand.

E* went on to explain that his hand could fit inside the well stapled and folded paper ship. After sliding it on your hand, you walk around to make it fly. He instructed me that if I wanted to go right, I should put the space ship on my right hand. And if I wanted to left, to switch hands.

What a clever little, I mean big, boy. Someone posted the question and asked me if my boys were crafty too. Here is a fine example of their craftiness!

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Rebecca said...

He definitely got your crafty gene. I liked the instructions for making it go right and left. He's a thinker, too, so is clearly using both sides of his brain. I hope he doesn't lose that ability. Good job fostering his creativeness and inquisitiveness.