We got home from soccer pretty late last night. Sine we hadn't been home since 2:45, there was a lot to get done before bed time.

I was walking around the house and I saw this:

My husband must have learned a lesson from DD and he left me several "I (heart) DM" all around the house. I found one in the computer room and one in my bedroom last night too.

But then this morning...the kids were a flurry of excitement. Turns out...my husband told them that there are 11-12 of these notes all around the house. He even gave them some hints to their locations. I found one in the spice cabinent in the kitchen.
One in the washing machine.

And one on the front window of the house, facing out. That one did not go unnoticed by our dear little neighbor girl. She asked her mom why we had a heart on our house. hehe.

While it is not unknown that my marriage is by far the hardest thing that I deal with in my life, finding these heart notes was a nice gesture from my husband. Now...the kids did tell me that there are 2 in the boys' room...up high...though I looked and I didn't see anything yet!


QuiltNut Creations said...

very sweet!

Anonymous said...

how awesome of your man! thanks for saying your marridge is hard work! mine is realy hard lol. its good to know im not alone :P