Well, it seems as if some time as passed since I updated this blog of mine. My life is pretty regular and doesn't seem like anything needs to be reported. Just now, I read skimmed through my stamping friends' blogs. Just regular people with regular lives. So I decided, I needed to update mine...Even if it wasn't anything interesting.

Right now, my youngest is having some breathing problems. The doctor, who I don't have confidence in, says it's asthma and put him on a nebulizer. Well, as soon as this cough is fixed, I'm changing doctors. But my poor baby. The first day or two on all these meds made him hyper. Yesterday and again today, he is sleeping the day away.

What is new with my daughter? Hmmm...won't wear her glasses. I emailed the teacher today to let her know that my daughter doesn't have to wear them on the bus, during lunch/recess and gym. But she should be wearing them the REST of the day. Sure enough, wearing them. The teacher said she could tell that my daughter wasn't happy about having to wear them.

My number 1 son is enjoying Cub Scouts and has just earned his Bobcat award. Yesterday I sewed on patches for DH and his Scouting uniforms. After several failed attempts to get the patches on straight, ripped out seams, pricked and sliced fingers, I decided to use sticky strip to stablize the patches before I sewed them on. It worked like a DREAM!

Both of those boys looked so good as they went off to a Den Meeting last night.

As for me... Last week I made a goal to do every single one of the week day challenges. It was a whopper of a week b/c the Wednesday Sketch Challenge was a three part challenge. I sure enough, I did all parts. On Friday, I did a MEGA Challenge card. I combined all the challenges into on super fabulous card. Here is the inside of this Mega Challenge card. It's called a tunnel card.

This week, I did most of the challenges. I counted my Thursday Challenge as the sewing on of patches using Sticky Strip, even though the powers that be on SCS didn't allow the pix in the gallery. Today's challenge is to make a landscape and I really don't have nature stamps. So I'll probably have to sit this one out.

Because I have been making so many cards, I have been able to send out many Christmas card RAKs to the Challenge Chasers who are so appreciative! I have already received a couple of handmade cards and they are displayed on my fridge. It is so nice to see lovely, handmade cards this year!

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