#1 Son is the #1 First Grade Student of the Month

On Friday, my oldest son came home from school and told me that he was choosen to be the First Grade Student of the Month at his school. What a red letter day! On Sunday, he even ate off of the Special Red Plate. He talked about getting some sort of certificate which seemed to make him very excited too. I was thinking it must be a free dinner at Big Boys or some other treat.

Yesterday, while emailing with his teacher, I thanked her for choosing my son as the First Grade Student of the Month and told her how he was very happy for this honor. She responsed: "C.B. earned the star student with his excellent choices!" Now, I was even more pleased with my son.

Then today, I received a letter from the school on school letter head. Very exciting indeed!

Here is what the letter reads:

Dear Mr. & Mrs. B:

This is the first year for our student recognition program sponsored by Congressman Mike Rogers. Every student is eligible to become a "Student of the Month." One student per grade level will be selected each month. Webber students designated as "Student of the Month" will receive a Certificate of Congressional Recognition on behalf of Congressman Mike Rogers, and the United States House of Representatives. This program is designed to acknowledge the outstanding students in our community. These students have taken leadershp and exemplary roles in academics, as well as extra-curricular activities.

I am proud to announce that C. has been selected to receive this award. The succes that C. is experiencing takes hard work, and determination that has not gone unnoticed. His efforts are to be commended!

This hard work and dedication confirms my thoughts and feelings that this is a wonderful community with very talented students and invested parents.

Principal M.

Woweee! If that isn't the neatest letter! And a certificiate from the House of Representantives! How about that Aunt Jocelyn!!

I know how hard it is to be the oldest. My son is doing a great job growing up and becoming a capable and hardworking man. I love you, C!!!

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