It just keeps getting better and better...

I told this other mom at the bus stop this afternoon that my son was the First Grade Student of the Month. She said, Oh yeah, I saw his picture in the paper!! There was a small communitity paper that came with the mail yesterday. I throw it out each week without even looking at it. And for some reason, she didn't keep hers. Luckily I have been picking up my neighbor's mail and looked at her copy and found this picture of my #1 son on page nine.

After finding the correct garage bag, I found our copy of the paper...not too ruined and page nine looks great! Of course, I called around to find out if anyone else had this paper still...so we might still be able to get more copies!

Go, first grader, go!


NoMakeUpNoWakeUp said...

What a cutie, Connor! You are handsome...and a diligent student!

Inky 1 Jenny K said...

that is so cool! make sure you keep a copy of the paper clipping to make him blush when he graduates from High School