Never Too Young Date Your Mom...

My mom said, "You are never too young to date your mom" today when I told her about this morning's trip with C**. I had to drive about 30 minutes to a jewelry store to pick up some of my jewelry that was getting fixed and I took my oldest son with me. It was approaching lunch time and I suggested that we stop somewhere to get some cheeseburgers and fries...as long as he didn't tell his younger siblings what we did. What growing 7 year old boy is going to pass up food? So we went into BK, his choice and ordered 2 jr. whoppers, his with cheese, 1 order of fries and 2 waters. Sitting across from me and sharing the fries, my son said, this is just like being on a date. And I said, of course it is. We talked about boys dating girls and girls dating boys and how he could practice dating by practicing things on his mom first. While on a date, a boy holds a girl's hand, opens the door for her, lets her go first, etc.

This incident reminded me of something that his Kindergarten teacher wrote me last last school year. One afternoon, I received an email from Mrs. G** with the subject: We are standing in line to go to the library and I'm listening to C** talk to one of his friends. And I started getting worried. Just what had my son said?

This is what the teacher wrote in the body of the email:

We are standing in line to go to the library and I'm listening to C**alk to one of his friends..."I have a girlfriend" he says. Of course I started to listen more carefully, curious about what he would say next. He said, "My Mom." Isn't that nice.

And it was a VERY nice comment to have relayed back to me. When he got home and I asked him about it, my son said that he told his class that if you have a mother, then you have a girl friend. He went on to explain that the boys didn't know that and they believed him. But the girls, they did not believe him at all.

I'm so pleased that I have a son who loves me so much. He is good and so wise to know that mothers need to be treated well. And that girlfriends need to be treated well too. Writing this entry makes me think of the John Mayer song called "Daughters."

Fathers, be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers, be good to your daughters too...

It applies to boys too.

After a really challenging week with him, our little chat and "date" were a welcome breath of fresh air. And a reminder of just how special he is to me!!


Tracy said...


This is a totally sweet story. It is wonderful that you are teaching him early on to treat women with respect and kindness. Someone should have taught that to my ex-dh. lol

Barb said...

How sweet, Dawn! You are very lucky!