Wanted: Pen Pals!!

Today, I thought I would show case this fun Pen Pals set
from Pretty Cute Stamps.  In this digital age, finding encouraging, happy mail in the good old metal mail box on the street is a thrill!  A smile on a grey day!  A reason to do a happy dance...in the middle of that street! hehe...

Washi Tape is a quick way to make a statement on your card.
And...note I put NO BLING on this card. haha..I know, I know! What a non-Dawn card!

Washi from the Eyelet Outlet

This smiley faced mail box is adorable!

Brads from the Eyelet Outlet:  Travel and Pocket Watch Brads

Okay, two cards with no bling...so this card has it piled on...and on...and on!
(Thanks to the new Swirl Bling.)
Tucked inside the envelope is a mini note card for a secret message.

And if you enjoy this Pen Pals set, be sure to check out Pen Pals 2...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today.
Check out the Pretty Cute Stamps blog too!
Does anyone want to be my Pen Pal?

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Scrapper69 said...

So COOL! Great Showcase of that stamp set!

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