Every possible genre!

There is such an amazing variety of brads on the Eyelet Outlet website!
Here I have used many to depict movie genres!

Did you know that at the Eyelet Outlet Booth there is a dollar bin filled to the brim with 
brads you don't see every day?  Get ready to spend some time sifting through to find treasures for your own scrapbook pages at the next big Scrapbooking Expo near you!

What brads can you name along this border?
Scroll down to check your answers!!

 You gotta love washi! It's colorful...it's fun...it's flat...it makes everything a little more interesting!!
The Eyelet Outlet has so many great designs!!
Check out what you can order online...
or check us out in person at the booth!

Thanks so much for joining me today!
Here are the answers to the brads I used on the scrapbook title above:

Sunglasses Brads (at the booth)
Spaceship Brads (You gotta dig in that Dollar bin!!)

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