Love Note...

 A love note is always appreciated!
You can create hand made cards quickly when you start off with a pre-printed card base. 
Found in any $1 bin area, these note cards have bold patterns that you 
can use as the foundation of your card.  Here I use a large Houndstooth print on glossy cardstock.
Since, these are store bought card bases, they are quite sturdy and can easily hold embellishments, washi, stamped images, and more!

Washi from the Eyelet Outlet

Did you know that PCS has three great craft inspired stamp sets?
These are perfect to create cards and projects for your crafty friends!
Sewing, stamping, knitting, crocheting...and glitterfying...
I am certain there is a set just right for you and your group!!

I hope you are able to create somethings sew amazing yourself today.
Thanks for stopping by.

Dawn Mercedes, of Sunnyside Up Blog

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