Manly Valentine...

Just look what Jute Ribbon from 3 Girl JAM can do for your valentine for your man.  It puts a rough texture onto your card..while still keeping your style sweet and lovely!  

The Merlot colored Jute Ribbon works well with my choice of patterned papers.  
In fact, the papers day it all!

I added silver cord to my button. 
But the ends are tucked in back and held down with a Craft Glue Dot.  This keeps my layout looking stream lined and clean.

Thanks so much for joining us today!
What manly valentine projects do you have up your sleeve?
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Snack Platter...

Check out this hot special!

A trio of appetizers...
and trust me...you will want to get this set called "Snack Time" from 
Pretty Cute Stamps!  It is a new release that is on sale until Tuesday.
That's right...one more day to get them on sale.
Buy two sets and receive a freebie!  Squeal!!

I used Mini Glue Dots ® to secure these trendy sequins!

And...bling strips from The Eyelet Outlet really make a great statement!

I whipped these up late at night.
It was such fun I couldn't stop at one!
What is your favorite image from the Snack Time set?
I'd love to hear from you!!

I better hit the hay before I really do start getting the munchies!
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Get Visually Inspired...

I found this fun cake image for hostessing Splitcoaststampers' F4A257 challenge today.
Here is the card I created...

Let's Talk set by Pretty Cute Stamps
Bling strings from the Eyelet Outlet

And I used Craft Glue Dots ® to secure the seam binding ribbon...
and Minis to secure the little sequins!

I hope you'll play along with other crafters HERE!


Combined Mutual Night

Tonight, my Beehives and I were in charge of the combined YM/YW activity at church.  One of my Beehives suggested doing an acting night...and that started the ball rolling.
I'm so grateful for inspiration!  
After wrestling with how to make this work well in our situation and with our time contraint, I figured out that the best way to do this was to 
Modernize Parables!

And thus...
Five Minute Theater was in production!

Our class president prepared these handouts 
for the YM and YW that were passed out last Sunday.

Everyone was asked to bring in a box of their favorite theater candy...
and their smart phone if they wanted to record the event "for posterity."

Setting up the candy buffet.
I got popcorn bags from The Dollar Tree for the popcorn and sweets!

A Beehive introduced the night...and read 
1 Nephi 19:23 And I did read many things unto them which were written in the books of Moses; but that I might more fully persuade them to believe in the Lord their Redeemer I did read unto them that which was written by the prophet Isaiah; for I did liken all scriptures unto us, that it might be for our profit and learning.

I reiterated the commandment that we are to liken the scriptures to our lives...
our lives now, in 2015. 
The youth got into groups and pulled a paper out of my hand to see what parable they would modernize.  I had more than enough of the parables printed off so that groups could call what they wanted or change out unwanted ones.  

After 15-20 minutes of brainstorming,
they scooped up  popcorn and candies...and 
sat back down to watch the 5 (or longer) Minute Theater productions!

Honestly, I detest taking pictures...I'd rather just enjoy the fun of what is happening around me.
But, our YW President was out of town and asked me to photodocument the evening. You get what you get and you don't throw a fit! haha

And the first skit, which was "Parable of the Sower" had the most kids in it...and I was videoing it...no still pix.  My son C* was in that skit...and took the videos of the rest so I could snap pix.

In between skits, this is what our boys do to stretch out!

The Prodigal...er...Daughter!!

The Good Samaritan...from Romeo...rescuing the injured one from...Rochester.  Here are the thugs from Rochester. The boys in the back are "trees."

The Parable of the Foolish Rich Man...done with a Monty Python Flare.

Yep...the little horde of deacons got the 10 Virgins...luck of the draw.
Here they twisted it to be the 10 Boy Scouts!

What an incredibly fun night!  All in all, we had well over 30 youth in attendance.
While I am still not used to leaders and youth talking through everyone else...
and I may never get used to that...
I am so very pleased by the energy and effort and excitement everyone put into their
modernizing of the parables.  As Neil A. Maxwell said:  “May we then do . . . what Nephi did when studying the scriptures, namely, to ‘liken all scriptures’ unto ourselves (1 Nephi 19:23). This is something that doesn’t happen often enough in the Church. We read the scriptures, but often we do not ‘liken’ them.”

I am so grateful for this calling to stretch my mind...to serve, to uplift and include, to stay busy and helpful...and become more intuned with the Spirit.  And grateful for that one Beehive who said "let's do acting."  

See where it ended!
Beehives are the BEST!!

January Pretty Cute Stamps blog hop...

Today's the day!
You should have gotten here by way of Raven's blog.
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Do you have a sweet tooth?
A sweet heart?
You will enjoy this new set called: Donut Worry. Be Happy.

Yummy sprinkles were created from bling strips from the Eyelet Outlet.
That is where you can get the red washi tape too!

I made this into a hot cocoa packet holder using Removable Glue Dots ®.
Removable Glue Dots
Simple, cut a piece of card stock to 5 x 9 inches.  
Score along the long side at 4, 4.5, and 5 inches.
Then, fold an accordian fold.  Simply use the  Removable Glue Dots ® to temporarily secure hot cocoa packets on the inside of this card. A quick treat to give to a coworker, bus driver, or the kid that shovels your walk or walks your dog!

If you want to add a note, simply cut a piece of paper to 4.75 x 3.75...and use more Glue Dots ® to secure it to the back cover, after you write your note!

Remember, buy the bundle to get 20% off now through Jan. 27th, 2015.

And...when you buy at least two sets...you get the salt and pepper set for free!

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Love Equation...

(If you are looking for Pretty Cute Stamps' blog hop, scroll up!)

It is that time again....
Time to think about Valentines!

What is your love equation?

Any way you write it, you will want to add some fun embellishments from
3 Girl JAM.  Here I used Dress White Ribbon along with silver cording.

Add some decorative brads and bling strips from The Eyelet Outlet!
I'm sure your man will be able to read this note loud and clear!!

Thanks so much for joining me today.  
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Ready to Jam with me?

I'm super pleased to announce that I am now 
on the 3 Girl Jam Design team!!

This company has seam binding ribbon...
as well as so many other types of ribbon,
flare buttons,
muslin sacks...
and who knows what else might be popping up in the future!!

Check out the 3 Girl JAM store,
and then...
LIKE their FB page!

Be sure to join in the challenges for even more fun!
Here's a blast from yesterday...if you want to see just one colorful piece of their inventory!

After you go check out the store...pop back and let me know what is on your wishlist!!


It's Snack Time!!


Welcome to the 2nd day of our January Sneak Peeks!
You will love what Pretty Cute Stamps has cooked up for you this month!

This set has some flavorful images...
Be sure to hop along with us on Wednesday to see more of the images!
Just the "Happy Birthday" comes from Little Llama.
Just think of the possibilities that "Poppin by to say..." could end with!
So fun!!

I made this envelope to tuck in movie tickets/vouchers!
Birthday for teens is getting tricky...and expensive.
But...a couple of movie passes would make anyone happy!

To make the envelope, cut your card stock to 7.25 x 6 inches. 
Score at 2 inches.
Cut a patterned paper to 7.25 x 2.5 inches.
Using 1" Glue Lines by Glue Dots ®, adhere the patterned piece to the inside
to create a pocket that will hold the movie vouchers.
Then, use Removable Glue Dots ® to keep the flap closed!
(See picture below.)
Embellish as you wish...
Here I used the new Pretty Cute Stamps set called "Snack Time!"
(Today and tomorrow, 3 Girls Jam is announcing their new design team.
Newsflash..."Someone" around here just might be a new designer!  
But it won't be announced until Saturday...shhhhh.)
The bling strips and star brad can be found at The Eyelet Outlet.
I used a Pop Up Relief Glue Dot ®, of course, to prop up my layers and bow!

Thanks again for stopping by today.
Be sure to stop by tomorrow to find out who is on the new 3 Girls Jam team!


Today starts Pretty Cute Stamps' January Sneak Peek!!  

Chop, chop...hop on over to the PCS Company blog for the next few days to see what is being cooked up for you this month!!