Purring for Eyelet Outlet!

Last year, Eyelet Outlet released Cat Silhouette Brads...
this year, it's Kitten Silhouettes!  

These adorable felines will have you purring with excitement.
Remember to add some rolls of washi tape to your order!

Our next trade show will be in Sacramento, CA 
Come take a stroll to our booth! We'd love to see you!


Born to be colorful!

Chickens are all the rage if you don't live in an HOA. 
But you can still get in on the act with paper crafting and brads!

Make a big statement with an adage from Dr. Suess!
The Project Bin has a set that supports Autism called 
"Spencer's Set."  Show your love and support to friends and family!

This funny card will get its message across in a happy, humorous way!
We are all individuals...how do YOU stand out?

Brads from Eyelet Outlet.


A little pick up!

Today, I am featuring the little red pickup Truck Brad that was released by Eyelet Outlet this fall.
It is a sweet little brad that can be used to encourage others and bring a smile to their face!

Paired with the Sun & Cloud brads and Pine Tree brads,
you can create a scene!  

Keep the engines revving by adding this pickup truck brad with an old map.
Mark the spot with a bling heart...
and you'll make someone's heart go...zing!

Truck on over to pick up your own package of truck brads, pine trees and suns!
(And remember to pick up a few more rolls of washi tape!)

October 20-21, 2017 in Sacramento, CA!

Thanks for driving by today!
Dawn Mercedes, of Sunnyside Up



For years, I didn't like the season of Fall. 
Probably a bit of experience, a bit of melancholy...
it just wasn't my season.

But with swimming and getting exercise and pumping up those
endorphins, Fall is a great time!
A time to renew your plans...
A time full of color here in the midwest...
A time to enjoy nature...

And maybe a little crafting!

New Leaf by The Project Bin is a great set to celebrate 
this time of year!  I have combined it with brads from Eyelet Outlet.

Kids are back at the books,
looking forward to a candy harvest...

and... you just might have more time on your hands. What are you looking forward to?

Me? I'm getting trained and hired as a life guard and swim instructor! 
I'm so excited to develop this skill after 4 years of swimming (after I retired from running).

Life is good...
even if a bad hair cut might have happened this weekend! haha

Keep smiling...keep sending out cards to let other people know you care!


So much to be thankful for!

Over the last few weeks, I have had to much to be thankful for
Oh yes, we all say that. But really...honestly. My crazy, up and down life has had such
great events and announcements and plans!
I am very grateful.

Thank you cards are probably the most common card I sent out.
I never have enough of them.
Here is one I created for a friend who printed and bound a hymn book of ukulele songs for me last week!  I love this fun set "Just Poppin!" by The Project Bin!
"No one's butter than YOU!" could easily be used to relay your appreciation!

This card was created from an A2 envelope.  Seal it up.....slice off about 1.5 inches.  Crimp the bottom half.  Make a note card to fit. Easy peasy!  Tip: I placed dimensionals on the bottom of the popcorn bucket so that the cover could slide down behind it. 

This type of card would be a neat way to give a gift card to someone too!
*As always...washi and bling from Eyelet Outlet!

What do you have to be grateful today...and always?



Why is it that I am forever busy?
I think, "When the kids finish school, I'll have time."
"When the kids get back into school, I'll have time."
"After Christmas..."
"After Spring Break..."

It's just never ending, isn't it!

Let's just make sure we stop and look and enjoy...
even in our busy times.

Many people enjoy fall...pumpkins, comfort food, Halloween, Thanksgiving, sweaters...
A time to reflect and be grateful.

So, when will you have time to whip up a card? haha....
Here is a fun, card, with a new fold of sorts...
that you can whip up and impress. Maybe b/c it isn't the same old size.
Additionally, it fits into a small, tall envie...from a regular store/dollar store...etc.

Cut your decorative paper 6 x 7 inches.  Along the 7 inch side, score at 3.5 inches. 
Cut a triangle slice.  See example..or make it your own.
Make a tag for inside the card...Stamp a fun image or sentiment.

The Project Bin has a great new set called New Leaf.
These solid stamps coordinate well with simple patterns on my paper.

A few simple cut outs and wow...can't leave of bling!

Easy peasy...
And snazzy!  
I think the colored twine is a throw back to sweaters!

This is a great way to make a fall card...quick, cute...and clever!!

Thanks for checking this blog post out...
I'm back to my ToDo list!
I have 19 minutes before *I* turn into a pumpkin!


A Chuckle...

I always feel like an encouraging word will make all the difference...
as well as a chuckle!  So I created this card using Eyelet Outlet's soon to be released drain pipe brads.
I'm sure you are squealing with delight and anticipation.
BUT...do you see those rain drop bling?
They are available NOW!!

What are you waiting for?
Zip on over there and stock up on bling!!

In the mean time...
Have a simply wonderful day!

Dawn Mercedes, of Sunnyside Up