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About a month ago, I was asked to serve in the Young Women's Organization at church.  The Young Women are the girls who are ages 12-18 years old. What a time in a girl's life! And I'm so excited to be a part of this little group as they grow and learn and make choices that may impact them for a lifetime.  Specificially, I work with the Beehives...the girls who are 12-13 years old.  Though I will be with all of them each month too!

Last Wednesday night was the first time I was planning an activity for the Beehives. I wanted it to be fun but help the along with their Personal Progress.  It was also my daughter A*'s last week with the Beehive class as she was turning 14 and moving up with the Mia Maids. I asked her what she night like to do as there was nothing planned from the previous leader. She said "Hair stuff."  Oh boy!

As I thought about it, I knew that some girls would love fluffy things in their hair while others would detest it!  (My DD being one of those who detested it! haha) So...after thinking and searching, I came up with an activity that would help us learn more about the importance of having the Holy Ghost as a constant companion, get a goal checked off, and have some fun making hair pins!!

You can make colored bobby pins by using nail polish.  I asked each girl to bring their favorite color of polish if they had colors that matches outfits/favorite colors. I also brough my stash of  colorful polish!

We reviewed the Value Experience for Virtue #2.  (Which also tied in to the lesson last Sunday.)  I reminded them that when we are virtuous we can have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost.  The Holy Ghost is a gift we receive after we are baptized.  We all like gifts..and I have a gift for you!  Then each girl was given a package of bobby pins. Then, as they painted and glitterfied their bobby pins, each girl in turn read one of the assigned scripture verses listed in that experience.  Lucky for us, we had six girls and six scriptures to read.  As the girl would tell us the blessing for having the Holy Ghost in their life based on the scripture she read, I wrote a list on the board.

If your polish is dark, try painting a layer of white before the color.
It will pop!!

The girls got a kick out of designing their own hair baubles!
After we had read all the verses, I asked the girls to take look at the list of blessings.
I asked them, "Which of these blessings would YOU like in your own life during the next 12 months?
Of course we want all the blessings we can get. But some of these might be more important to you at this time of your life."
Then we went around and each girl chose for herself a reason why she 
needed the Holy Ghost as her constant companion...now. 

Most picked...increased  confidence.
Now, what 12 or 13 year old...or even 41 year old doesn't want increased confidence...
to know what you are doing is on the right track!

Typically, our meetings start late, end early...
But Wednesday, the girls didn't want to stop painting.  
We chatted about what fun thing we will remember from this last summer...
what we are looking forward to in this next school year...
and again...how and why we want the Holy Ghost in our lives.
Now, all that was left for them to finish this experience was to write in their journals
about what they had learned and about a time they felt the guidance of the Holy Ghost.  By Sunday, 3 out of the 6 had already done so!  

This Wednesday...JEWERLY...
But of course, there will be a twist to it!


Susan said...

love the connection and the discussion of virtuous lives. Reminds me of that link I sent you where the queen refused to be paraded in front of the drunk rich men. stand for right without considering the consequences. those don't matter

Lynn McAuley said...

I know why God chose you for this task, Dawn! It truly is a match made in heaven. What a blessing for you and for these young women.