For You Lily....

Do you have a sweet neice?  
I sure do! 
Lately, this 4 year old  likes to Skype with me...for an hour (or two) at a time.
Usually, it's sort of show and tell...or story telling...or questions.
I have learned more about her likes and personality as she lives in FL and I am in MI.
You just gotta love, love, love technology...

So, after a long conversation yesterday, here is what I learned...
Lily Loves blue and pink.
She likes Zebras.
She is a Crafter.
She is Organized.
She loves Envelopes.

Here is what I created for her.
A medium sized note pad...pink and blue and zebra striped.
She can doodle, write letters, use it to take food orders,
cut, stick, fold...you name it.
Paper can do anything!!

Here I used Lovebug Creations' Panther Pink Rumple Ribbon, along with retired Zebra printed 
Fun Footz
to embellish this peronalized notepad.
Thanks for stopping by!
So now, the next time Lily calls me on Skype, I will have sometihng to show...
and then mail her!

I used Glue Dots® for the sequins!

Oh, for more inspiraiton...ROAR on by to the Lovebug Creations' Blog!!


Pamela Lash said...

Roar on, Dawn Mercedes - so sweet and thoughtful!

Susan said...

I heard you did a great job of entertaining the FL group for 2 hours, especially as H was not well. This is adorable.

Sukie said...

Very cute, the zebra is just adorable. Love the animal print with all of the pink!

Lynn McAuley said...

What a fabulously fun note pad for Lily!! I love the pink with the zebra print!

Crafting with Darcy said...

This is so sweet and cute!! My 7 year old granddaughter would LOVE it!!
Darcy BIF