Tooth Fairy

Okay...yes, this tooth fairy failed miserably.  But, on my behalf...E* wasn't taking care of his teeth. Nearly 2 years ago, he had a baby root canal. And then about a month ago, that tooth had to be extracted from the dentist. Do you think that deserves a reward?  On top of that, E* wanted to keep it for a while.

Well, then, he lost another. Then A* lost one.

Did you know that this Tooth Fairy also paints houses and hosts  on Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Plus...yes, this is a long list of excuses...these kids are night owls! (Which again, they were trained to do that b/c of our personal family schedule...it really doesn't bother me.)

So, the Stamp Fairy made a few darling note cards using Paper Makeup Stamps' Tooth Fairy.  Last night, the Tooth Fairy was able to drop them off, along with some an extra tooth stipend...and picked up the forlorn teeth. (Only A* handed her tooth to her mom a week ago and then stalked out of the room.)

Oooh and Ahhh...
And yes, there is a note written on the back sides of these cards, reminded the kids what needs to be brushed...and how long they should brush! 

Not left by E*.  Aaadorable...yes.

Oops, the note I found on the BACK of the paper.  
Do you see what he scratched out.  "And let's be done." 
Well, I am sure he meant "I'm done holding onto this tooth for sharing time at school." 
Or perhaps he realized this size was much too messy.
Thanks for re-writing it, dear.

Love, the Tooth Fairy!

Challenges:  Flutterby 221 (New tooth), PMS#69 Anything goes


Danni said...

The tooth fairy has forgotten a few times here too but she didn't leave any cute cards like these! Simply adorable!!
Good to see you at my Flutter By Wednesday Challenge! Thanks for playing along!

Dragana Skoro said...

We have a forgetful tooth fairy too. Maybe we share the same one? :-) On the other side, these little cards and Evan's note are just adorable!

Tammy said...

I'm sure the tooth fairy feels terrible, but all seems good now!

Susan said...

don't think the root canal has anything to do with not brushing...just saying

Kathy said...

It's hard to always remember, lol! Mine are night owls, too and sometimes I fall asleep "waiting them out". What adorable notecards, so perfect, I'm going to case this idea! Thanks for sharing with us at Flutterby Wednesdays!

Emkay said...

What a nice tooth fairy to leave these lovely cards.

Emily Lauritzen said...

This is a great idea, wonderful project! Thanks for joining us at Digi Makeover!
<3 Emily L.-DT

Becky said...

What a great idea, wish I thought of it when my son was small :)

Lynn McAuley said...

Looks like you made it well worth the wait!! Super cute cards, Dawn!!

Heather North said...

Oh my, this is so sweet. You have a great tradition going here.