Who's that knocking at your door?

It just might be the Mormon MIssionaries!!  
Hey, the next time a set comes to your door, ask them to sing a song. I bet they will do it.  
Then, listen to their message.  Sure The Book of Mormon: The Musical is poking fun and jest at this religion. 
But I know that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Christ.  

Read it before you knock it!

Welcome to Hambo's Broadway Bound Blop Hop!

I stamped and masked two Spy images.  Adding eyeballs to the shades turns them into glasses.
Every missionary you meet will have a tag on his (or her) shirt with their name and the
official name of the church.  BTW, It's not named "the Mormon Church."
(Tucked behind the missionaries is the Tree...for some foilage!)

Chief Hambooli and his Totem...so very colorful!
I used Micro Glue Dots © for the flowers. The smaller sized glue dots help keep my flowers
full of dimension and life. Now it's your turn to flap on over to the next blog!  
Remember, one lucky commentor and one participant will be winning a prize!

Here are the details:
 The winners will be announced on the Hambo company blog, Talk to the Ham, on Tuesday, September 25. We love comments anytime, but the deadline for prize entry comments is Sunday, September 23 at 5 PM CST. Don't miss it!

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Dorothy S said...

Your "spies" are so well done! I especially like them in duplicate.

Anonymous said...

Very well done! Great colors and I love this card technique. I have it on my 'to do' list but it seems a little intimidating... Your background info was a nice touch.

Monica Hunter said...

I just LOVE this scene of the missionaries in action! This is such a fun recreation of the Broadway show!

Sherry Hickey said...

Hi Mercedes! Your card is awesome!! The contrast of the "missionaries" with the colorful Chief and totems is fabulous. Love love that side stairstep card design, and the torn paper is a great touch.

Deborah Anton said...

What a great card!! I love the scene and the spies are done wonderfully! Perfect!

Sarah said...

What a wonderful card-- love the stair step and it's beautifully done. I love all the little extras--the glitter, torn paper... so great!

Shona Erlenborn said...

So much detail going on in this card. Love the design, the cool missionaries and then the pop from the Chief and the totems. Super job.

Jan Hunnicutt said...

Dawn I love your card, the eyeballs added to your missionaries is a great idea. It makes them look like, Oh wow what's happening here :)

Great detail with your stair step card and your coloring is just fabulous! Your card made me giggle :)

Loll said...

This is great! What fun images - amazing coloring!

Great Grandma Lin said...

fun stuff!

Jane Elizabeth France said...

Dawn your card made me laugh out loud when I saw it,its FAB. here in England GB we have Jehovas Witness's (dont know if you have the same in America)they come round knocking on doors trying to preach the gospel and they look just like your images on your card, always come in two and always have a briefcase in hand, your card is great.

Heather North said...

My first thought was tat inspector gadget found his long lost twin. :) My second was that it was Mormons coming to knock on the door. Mostly because of the nametags.

Hey Hey Paula said...

Dawn, what a fun card. I love special fold cards & your side step card with all of its details is perfect for your show choice.

Sue said...

This is so cute and clever! And really well executed!

Judy Rozema said...

Haha! This made me giggle! Love the colors on the tribal half in contrast to the missionary half. And what a great step design!!

Paula S. said...

This is awesome! Love how you presented it in your post too... not showing the totems in the first shot. What a fun card! Those totems are hilarious.

Kaylee Snyder said...

What a funny card. Love the little black missionary tags. The totems are my favorite part. I love their bright colors and patterns.

P.S. I'm LDS and it drives me nuts too when people call it "the Mormon church." Glad to see you pointed it out.

Valerie H said...

Bwahahahaha! So clever! Love the colors!

Pat said...

Great use of several Hambo images!! Love the stair step card!

Craft Paper said...

Very clever card. Love that card technique. I like the eyeballs.

Libby Hickson said...

This is fantastic, such a clever idea. And LOVE how you colored those tribal guys!

Mrs. O said...

Absolutely wonderful card! Had to laugh at the "visiting" missionaries! Good job!

Kecia said...

What a scene! This totally makes me smile, Dawn! So, so creative! And you know I LOVE those colors!

Great creation!

Kecia said...

Did blogger eat my comment???

In case it did, let me reiterate that this card totally made me smile. What a terrific scene. Love the combination of these fun images, and the colors! I love the colors!

Great job, Dawn!

Ana Carolina Little said...

Dawn...FUN FUN FUN card!!!. I love how much work you put in this creation!!!. It looks great!!!

Kris Chirhart said...

Oh, you are so creative the way you turned those spy guys into the missioinaries!! How fun!! Great job on your card, Dawn!