The Barrett Name Song

When my sister, Cara, was having babies, she often fretted over whether or not she had the "right" name.  Names were announced...and then changed. Babies came home from the hospital without a name.  After naming the babe, she questioned the name for months.  When her #3 was being blessed, at about 3 months of age...she was still "not sure."  The week before the baby blessing, I saw this skit from Sesame Street.  Luckily, there was a "west channel" which rebroadcast this same Sesame Street episode a couple hours later. I taped it.  Then I stood in front of the TV for some time to learn the catchy tune. Oh yeah, then I made Ken learn it too!

The next weekend, we went to the Kennedy's home for the blessing. At that time, Ken and I, with A* and C* who were too small to really sing it...we sang that song using Sam's name.  From that time forward, this is our special name song. We sing it to new babies. We sing it to those who are sick or struggling or need a lift.  We sing it to ourselves...and to others.

It has become "our song."  Just as loved as the songs I taught them from my Grandfather.

I found a Youtube video of that Sesame Street Sketch.  Although we are fairly close, I'm sure our melody is a little different. But that is how folk songs go.  You need to video tape...to keep them.  Or sing, sing, sing...them down the generations.

So, watch it, learn it, share it...

or have a baby and we'll sing it to the newborn over skype!!


Karen said...

How cute is this Dawn. Next time I have a baby, I'll give you a call.

Great Grandma Lin said...

fun traditions!