School resumes in Michigan!

So long Summer...Hello, new teachers!
That's right...my kids are blissfully attending school!
Here is how we got the day started:

With a face like this, who is going to notice those crutches?

Dad drove him to school, while I sat with A* until it was time 
for her to go to the bus stop.  (I had to laugh at the other 3 middle school
parents who walked their kids to the bus stop. You've got to be kidding me!)

She's gorgeous and doesn't even know it...yet!

Quick pose before leaving for the bus!

Both brothers have these funky shoes.  The soles are crazy..but the boys love them!

Couldn't wait for me to drop off the mail in the mail box, even though
no one else was around yet.  E* didn't even wave to me when walking onto the bus!
Sniff, sniff!
In fact...he's super excited to be the lone man at the elementary school.
This year, he's First or Only...when it comes to taking important missives home from
school.  Boy is he excited!

Our bus stop crowd...

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Susan said...

and another year begins! B-U-T-ful kids.

Great Grandma Lin said...

The future of America!

Lynn McAuley said...

What a day of grand excitement!! Best wishes for a fabulous school year!!

Love that cute card!!

Craft Paper said...

Where does the time go? That is so cute your son is excited to be "the one" to bring home the school fliers! Your card is adorable too. Is that a scan tron behind that image? Too funny!

ddazzled71 said...

You have a such a good looking family and its wonderful to see them looking so happy to be going back to school. A great intro for your back to school card, which is fabulous! I love the angled layers, the A+ and your cute little charm. xx