I'm a foodie

Yes, I must be a foodie. haha

Although I should not be..but I am.

I have the BEST friends and family...who know we are foodies.  Years ago, C* had a scrawny friend who picked and pushed his food around during dinners.  I know his parents just bugged and hollered and fussed to get him to eat, but he refused. I explained to my kids that we live to eat...Gresha ate to live.  There is a difference.

Food can be oh so comforting...and something to do when there is little else you can do for someone. Why else do we bring food to  a family who has lost a loved one.  Or have parties with food to celebrate graduations.  Fuss over the choice in wedding cakes.  Why...most of us, at some time or another, are foodies.

Monday, after C*'s surgery, he was pretty eager to move about.  My mom suggested that it was the adrenline. I could hardly keep the boy still.  I was a bit tired and sore for my own reasons...and was starting dinner.  Even though I'm a foodie, making dinner isn't what I enjoy doing. haha.  So, relunctantly, I got off the phone with Jenn, my phone bestie...who lives in Colorado...and she said she'd take care of dessert.  I smiled...and wondered what she had up her sleeve. But dinner needed to be done...and C* was STARVING. No, he did not eat soft foods all day on Monday...he was HUNGRY...he had steak...heavy oriental pepper steak with lots of sticky rice!  I digress...

So, the door bell rings, it's a delivery guy with an Edible Bouquet for Connor (et all).

 Only I do believe we all two pieces...Connor got 4. haha.

After the squeals and thrills...I went back to making dinner...and 
Lo and behold another visitor!

The best cupcake chef I know, aka my neighbor, dropped off these five triple chocolate with 
homemade chocolate ganash drizzled on top...cupcakes.

Boy, what a feast we had. More than that, we were cheered to know that C* was loved and cherished.
Yesterday, he came home from the church youth activity. A leaders and one other boy had brought him 
some home made treats to enjoy while he was recuporating.

Today, I took A* out shopping for a couple of items...as a way to get her out of the house b/c I knew a Young Women surprise was coming.  But, we had a surprise ourselves!
My generous mom and dad ordered an XL Jet pizza...with lots of toppings...


What a treat...what a surprise!

This is all that is left of it..and Ken hasn't even hit it yet!

Here is the door...decorated and bee-noted with a warm welcome from all
of the fun Beehives in her new class.

And ...

Sitting on her desk was this rice crispy beehive to eat!

Thanks everyone!!  We are well fed and well loved this week!


Debbie said...

I've gained 5 lbs just reading this LOL You obviously have wonderful family and friends!

Great Grandma Lin said...

usually it's a sugar treat that we celebrate with not veggies and dips, unfortunately. When you are diabetic, it limits your treats...lol!