Spring Wristlet

Spring Wristlet

1 inch (or wider) ribbon
fabric strip...1 inch wide..36-44 inches long. 
felt flowers (cut from a die or by hand, your choice)
buttons (or other embellishments)
button thread
glue gun/glue sticks
extra felt if you want to cover up the back side of your wristlet

1. Tie a knot in your thread. Turn the short edge of your fabric strip over and stitch it down.

2. Sew a running or basting stitch down the length of your fabric strip. The longer the strip, the fuller your flower will be. You may also want to use a ribbon if you don't want the frayed look. I also use fray check after my flower frays a little just to keep it from completely fraying away. As you pull the thread through, the strip will start to wind up, like a snail shell.

3. Then arrange the layers to look like a flower. Stitch through the middle to pick up all the folds to secure the blossom.

4. Add a fun button or bead or baubble.
5. Sew/decorate felt flowers. (Not pictured. But you are all so creative!)

6.  Cut off a piece of ribbon for your wrist. The length will depend on your wrist size and how you want to tie it on.   It can be tied into a knot or a bow. Or you can add velcro to make it easier to wear.

7. Using your glue gun, glue the blossoms onto a piece of ribbon.

8. Add an extra piece of felt to the back side of your wristlet, if you prefer. I like to bend the corsage over my wrist as the hot glue is drying. This will give you a a curved area that will fit nicely on a wrist.
9. Add fray check to the ribbon ends.

10. Tie it on and enjoy your new corsage wristlet.

You can easily make one to coordinate with your Easter dress or other new outfits! 
Another example..with extra ribbons!

I wrote this post up for my sister's blog. Jocelyn is having a big celebration for Easter. Click on over and check it out!




Great Grandma Lin said...

what a fun idea-looks like the corsages my friend caryn makes...cute springy decorations!

Lynn McAuley said...

I know lots of little girls who would delight in wearing these! How adorable, Dawn!!

Rose said...

These are so pretty! This is a great spring project for girls, thanks for sharing these!

http://blog.timetocreate.com.au/ said...

Delightfully Different. What fun these would be to make at a girls get together Dawn.

stampingmommy said...

What a great little tutorial you have put together here! I know my dd would love to have a little wristlet like this! How adorable!!!

Tami's Eclectic Corner said...

I LOVE these! I can not wait to make a whole bunch to match my outfits. I love them! Thanks for sharing. I also loved your post on your sister's blog. I'm going to buy one of those resurrection plants.

Susan said...

i want to be young again, young enough to wear one.

Miss Molly said...

Wow this is great! I think I may have to try it! Thanks for the isntructions!

Kim P said...

very cute! my nieces would love this!

Kelly Spivey said...

Cute!!! What a neat idea and I love the bright fun fabric you used! Thanks for the tutorial on it!