Thoughts on Spring

That is something that I grew up hearing...and now I am saying it to my own kids.  What a miraculous thing is Spring!   It is a time when all that was dead comes back to life.  Here in the Great Midwest, we really do enjoy the return to lush and green and life.

Years ago, my parents gave me this plant.  Don't you think it looks great?  ....  haha

Or...maybe...it's more like dead now. But this is what it looks like most of the year as it sits on a top shelf in the cabinent. As Easter approaches, we put it in a bowl of water. To our utter amazement each year...

 After a few minutes,

A few more minutes...

Tick! Tick!

 Tock! tock!

And Finally...

(Elapsed time: 1 hour 10 mins.)

A green plant once again.  A miracle that happens before your very eyes.   I am grateful to be reminded of the miracle of Christ's Resurrection each Spring and each day of the year when I notice the reminders that are all around me in nature.

Here's a fun spring craft you might want to make for yourself, friends or family. Perhaps when you wear it, you will be reminded how after the winter, plants come alive again.  After this life, we will continue to live, just as Christ rose from the dead on the third day.

I wrote this post up for my sister's blog. Jocelyn is having a big celebration for Easter. Click on over and check it out!

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