Overheard Just Now

I started making dinner and E* was telling me that he saw Mr. and Mrs. Emert leave at the same time (separate cars) when he was playing at Alexis and Christopher's house earlier today. Then they saw only Mrs. Emert return...alone.

So I explained that Mr. Emert was probably at work That he was a hard worker and had to work a lot.

E* then said, "Maybe he is counting his stars like on Top Chef." haha

He knows that Mr. Emert is a chef and we like to watch Top Chef and now Top Chef Masters...where the participants create dishes and are judged with stars. So...I hope you got a lot of stars tonight, Randy!


Great Grandma Lin said...

kids don't miss anything, do they?

Meli Palmer said...

Too funny. We watch that show too. I watch it for the cooking...Craig watches it for Padma. Lol.