On correcting others' grammar

Today as E* and I were heading home from the grocery story, I flipped on NPR and heard the very tail end of an interview that Terry Gross had with Jeff Nunburg. (I have yet to check on the spelling on these names.) Jeff is a linguist. And I loved what he said. I need to get the exact quote and I want to listen to the entire interview if I can find it in a podcast. But basically, he said that if your self-esteem is based on your knowledge of grammar in the english language, and you correct people b/c you know the proper way, they you need to reevaluate where you get your self-esteem. That you are missing out on the bigger picture.

I loved it. And certainly, I will be looking into that exact quote. I'm sure most of us have had that annoying family member or friend or coworker who HAS TO continually correct your grammar when you speak. And in a sacastic, un-needful way. Boy is it irritating, right? A name or two instantly pops into your head. Well, the next time someone corrects my grammar, I am going to remember this linguist's words and remember that the one correcting has her esteem based on a 7th grade English course! haha. (How do you type in the "raspberry" sound you make when you are blowing someone off? haha)

Needless to say, I enjoy Jeff Nunburg's commentaries that air from time to time on NPR. Thanks for those words, Jeff!

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Great Grandma Lin said...

will be waiting for the quote...