Starving Artistamps meets Van Gogh

...Irene, the artist who designs the Doodlefactory Images has colored in some images using a pointillism technique. The Technique Junkie Newsletter joined up with Starving Artistamps to unveil the technique called VanGogh and a contest. (Art majors out there...think pointillism and Seurat. Poor Seurat misses his 15 minutes of fame in the stamping world. haha)

In these examples, I used stamps from FairyTale. The sqiggles in the background are accessories from the dragons in that set. (The banner is from Urban and "treasured" is from a Topics sentiment set.)

Now, you want to stamp fast b/c the contest ends June 15th.

And what can you win?

A complete unmounted collection of our current new DoodleFactory release Oh Baby, You're Super! Containing the following stamp sets:

Oh Baby!
Super Parents
Oh Baby, You're Super sentiments!

And a FULL YEAR free subscription to the technique Junkie's Newsletter!

For more information, click on over to the Starving Artistamp Blog or the Technique Junkie Newsletter (if you are a member).


Great Grandma Lin said...

love your fantasy cards...

Jenn said...

LOVE IT!! Such pretty colors too!!