Hello? Operator? A not so funny Funny.

Today was a hot summery day. After a pretty cool spring, the heat was welcomed. I was sitting beside the subdivision pool with a neighbor when Kimberly, who lives near by, came up to us. "I have bad news for one of you." Amy and I looked at each other. Then so many different thoughts raced into my mind. Ambulances, police, injury...

Then Kimberly pulls out a mangled telephone. MY mangled telephone. She had found it in the street and put it back together as best she could. Then, since the caller id was still working, saw that many calls with my name and Amy's name were made...figured it was one of ours.

And yes, it was mine. C* had a phone call today which I handed him the phone while he was on the porch. He didn't put the phone away...rather put it on the car bumper. During the day, both M* and E* had seen the phone there but neglected to say anything or put it away. Then in the early afternoon, we got into the van...and drove to the pool. And about a block down the road, the phone flew off, I guess, and was over run by at least one car.

Guess it's the con for having cordless phones. And while I'm not pleased about the situation, it is funny for a number of reasons. So I will smile through it and hope that next time, my kids will be wise enough to replace items or let me know when something is out of place.

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Great Grandma Lin said...

well count your blessings it wasn't a kid that got run over...I guess an important lesson was learned by all.