A little Tuesday Tip

Sometimes, you hear that a friend of yours is sick. As luck would have it, your card stash is void of "get well cards." Or perhaps you hear that another friend's mother has passed away. Once again, you look and find that you have no sympathy cards. Not every event in life is planned. So, you need to stamp simply and quickly once in a while. Voila...a one layer card is a good solution...but how to make it stand out?


For this sick piggie released by DRS Designs, just the vase, snout and ice bag are layered with dimensionals. But the result is interesting. Adding some texture with the ribbon and prima does the trick too. Notice that the sentiment is also a mini layer propped up on dimensionals.

So the next time you think you're in a pinch. Keep it simple and add mini layers!


Diane (djuseless) said...

Too cute! This image reminds me of Farm Fever, which I love! I love the layers that make it dimensional!

Great Grandma Lin said...

fun idea...appropriate card with SWINE FLU on the rise. LOL!

Starla said...

THIS is just too cute!! Love all the little details of the dimension

Unknown said...

Fabulous card... I'm feeling kind of sicky today...will you send me one too? LOL

Anonymous said...

Dawn, your card is very sweet!! I love your layers!! Great post! ;)