Today was a pretty lazy day. I stayed up too late looking for a stamp that ended up being on the underside of an ink pad. Yes, there are some draw backs to unmounted stamps. Especially if you are neurotic about having to find lost/missing things!

In the AM, I went to the GirlScout Council (about an hour away) with my neighbor who is a new Daisy leader.

Then I came home, ate lunch, watched a little recorded TV...then took a nap on the couch. I was seriouly tired! What a day. So I checked my computer before the kids arrived home...and found FUNTASTIC news in my inbox. News that will be announced in MAY. So come back then. haha. Oooh the suspense. Luckily I know what the news is. B/c along with not enjoying lost items, I do not enjoy suspense.

So E* has lost his gloves. Which after talking to the PM busdriver, it sounds like someone else picked them up. They are probably gone for good. Barb will be happy to know that after I repaired then and embroidered initials on the outside of everyonne's gloves, I made C and E crocheted chains. The gloves were attached and the chains fit through their coats. Hopefully no more problems. M* has declared that she can take care of her own gloves and sees no need to have the chain in her coat.

I do have a few more things to design for the blog hop...Luckily I have my ideas...just not the energy!

Oh good news I can share...my kids might, just MIGHT, be getting interested in the piano. I have tried to teach them without luck of them really caring. And I guess I didn't MAKE them practice after a few days. But our neighbor friend down the street has started lessons and needs a piano to practice on every day. He will now be coming here. Today, C got out his book and played a bit too. Maybe we will make progress.

Oh, and Ken did remember my 1/2 bday. (As if he could forget it when I announced it this morning at the top of the stairs! haha) He arrived home from work with some carnations and cherry twizzlers. Thanks Ken!

The kids have been crazy today...a bit loud and a LOT of RUNNING. The list of 72 things they can do before even ASKING me to play video games/computer/tv worked out to well today. C and R*, the neighbor, did about 14 things I guess. They wanted to carve wood, but settled on soap. The entire family now knows that the pastry boards is NOT A CUTTING BOARD! haha. See, I just assumed they understood. I kept my cool b/c I know how much trouble I used to get in with my mom's special items. Best of all, our kitchen has a zesty smell...even if it isn't "zestfull" clean! (Okay, it's clean, but needs to be mopped. Mopping is definitely not a half bday activity.)

Now it's time to HIT THE HAY...do my kids know that phrase?


Great Grandma Lin said...

ah the busy mother lament...tired from late night activities. are you really going to keep all your readers in suspense until MAy? that's not fair...as the kiddies would say.

Susan said...

What!? You didn't go to Denny's and have the free Grand Slam? and the kids needs more than just an interest in piano...they need to be told this is what is always #1 on your list. It's part of disciple in an arts. It's part of learning to do something that is outside the norm....this from a piano teacher! You gotta make them do it.

Starla said...

MAY?!!! Geesh.....
I love reading all your little tidbits of life. Makes me feel better when I'm running around like a chicken with it's head cut off (trust me....headless chickens can get some things done)

Elley said...

Dawn: I so look forward everyday to reading your blog, not just for the beautiful cards you make, but what you share with us. My kids are all grown and just about everytime you share stuff with us, it reminds me of all that I had to do too. I pray that you kids will take the piano lessions, I so wanted to learn when I was young, but no one, including the school had one for me to learn how to play. I love listening to piano music, it is so relaxing. If you get a chance listen to Yanni the song is reflection of passion. When I need to chill, that is the song I chill to, he plays beautifully on the piano.

Hugs & Thanks again for sharing your life with us.........Ellen

Barb Nelson said...

Dawn- I couldn't be more proud of you! *beaming* Glad to hear you mitten situation is under control!