February 3rd

Happy Half Birthday...to ME!


maiahs_momma said...

HAPPY Bday to you :)! Today is my bday too :)! Hope you have a super day :)!


Starla said...

Ohhhhh, that cupcake is looking WAAAAY too good at 7am!!
Happy 1/2 b-day (and that reminds me, I have to make a card for a little girls b-day party this weekend!!)

Lin said...

cute photo of a half cup cake...never heard of half birthdays before but sounds like fun.

mybearybest said...

Hi Dawn! I've been thinking about you today. Hope you're enjoying your half birthday. :)

mom/caryn said...

Hap Bir Da t yo... I'm not quite sure how to go about wishing a joyful half birthday. Are you half way there? Have you found an innovative way to slow down the aging process?

At any rate... I dibs the side of the cupcake with the frosting on it.

Quilt Nut said...

lol Dawn! happy half birthday

Karinn said...

LOL! I love those comments above and I laughed so hard at mom/caryn's comments - too cute and funny! Happy 1/2 b-day from me too :D

Kim P said...

Love the cupcake!!

Hope your half-bday was a blast...with no mopping!! ;-)

BTW, I hope the kids start liking piano too...what a lifetime of joy it can bring, even if it doesn't become their "job"