Just popping in...

Starla mentioned her need to post "be back later" on her blog...and Kim was pleased to have 2 blog posts in one week. haha.

So I figured that I would just pop in. Tonight we went to C*'s Blue and Gold dinner. It was super..super nice, super food, super awards, super entertainment...did I mention super food?

Of course Chef Randy was the chef...

Oh and by the way, he made some delicious steamed/cooked veggies last night for Amy and gave me a bowl! So glad Ken doesn't like mushrooms...so I didn't have to share and he missed out. Oh and M* was absorbed by their massage chair...b/c she would have eated out of my bowl too!

C* earned his Bear badge...several belt loops, pins and arrow heads!

I designed the Appreciation Awards for all of the parent volunteers again this year.

Chartered Rep:
We want to say thank you to a "Sweetart" who keeps things smooth between Good Shepherd and our Pack! (Sweetarts)

Pack Chairperson: For a guy who is juggling so many parts for our pack, a Butterfinger to keep things running smoothly through his fingers. Many Thanks. (Butterfinger candy bar)

Cub Master: For our fearless leader who keeps all the dens in line, here is some extra rope to keep going. (Nerds Rope)

Treasurer: For the one who "Crunchs" all our financial numbers. Way to go! (Crunch bar)

All Den Leaders and Assitant Den Leaders:
We appreciate all that you do for the boys. You are truly "treasured." (bags of Nestle Treasures)

Advancement/Recruitment: A big thanks goes out to Susan who has the Substanial job of making sure everyone is awarded their due. (Snickers bar...but the wrapper on one side reads, "Substantialiscious.)

Popcorn Sales: With much appreciation for his hard work on the Popcorn Sales, we thank Alan Foukes with a package of gum...to get all that popcorn out of his teeth. (Bubble Gum...and yes this is cheesey!)

Pinewood Derby: Kudos got out to Scott and Peter who are getting our Pinewood Derby cars rolling! (Rolos)

Blue & Gold Banquet:
Hugs and Kisses go out to the women who organized this banquet. Much thanks! (Truffle Kisses)

Souting for Food:
With the help of Jill and Grey, our pack "scored" big as we scoured the neighborhood for food donations. Thank you. (Skor bars)

Summer Camp Coordinator:
While it is still wintery and cloudy here in Michigan, we are showing our gratitude with a sunny treat to keep Amy motivated as she works to set up this year's summer camp details. (Sun Chips)

Event Chair/Activities Coordinator:
Which it comes to fun activities, it's all for one and one for all as the Ulrich Dynamic Duo keeps us scheduled for terrific activities. (3 Musketeers bar)

Newsletter Editor:
This volunteer keeps the newsletter going so we are not "shocked" by last minute details that our boys forget to tell us. Thank you MariBeth! (Shockers Candies)

Attendance at Pack Meetings: This fellow sets the "bar" for uniform standard and punctuality. We are so grateful. (Mr. Goodbar)

Guess I need to think up an idea for next year's awards! In the meantime...get ready. Next Saturday is the Starving Artistamp blog hop! New rubber...which I think you will not want to miss!


Great Grandma Lin said...

you are creative. i remember your trophies you designed for last year. it's great to recognize everyone's hard work-hope you got recognized too.

Susan said...

inventive as always. great job.

Starla said...

I'm going to have to earmark these awards!! Very clever!

Renee said...

Love your new blog look! Love your creative awards also :)