Hippity Hoppity!

Whew...I took the kids to school just after 8am...and here it is just after 2pm...and I'm finally home...with warm socks on my feet. I am volunteering in the school library on Thursday Mornings...then I went to C*'s classroom for a bit to work with the kids on their Young Author's books. I had a lot of time inbetween that and helping out in E's class room...so I ate lunch with him...ate some of his lunch. Thanks E! Then...BRRRRRRRRrr...I went outside for recess and stood there freezing. Okay, my feet got cold due to no boots and my face was freezing b/c of the wind. The kids are outside for recess when the weather is 1 degree or higher. I'd call it torture but the kids seemed okay with it. They had made this snow slide...and everyone slowly scooted down on their behinds. Why did I worry about ripped knees? This is surely going to tear out a rear seam!

Then I helped out in E's classroom for a while. When I signed out at the main office, there was only 1 hour left of school. Although I thought about running back to Mck's classroom to see if I could be of assistance...I didn't. And my feet are glad.

As busy I am, I still make time (or try to) for blogging and stamping! Oh, I guess that means I have 2 hobbies. So...Starving Artistamps just announced a BLOG HOP on FEBRUARY 7th! Just over one week away. New RELEASES...fun things to LOOK AT...and FREE STUFF! You never know what...or who...you might see!


Great Grandma Lin said...

what a busy mom, be sure and reserve some time just for you and your interests...recess duty doesn't sound fun but i bet your kids are proud to have you there helping out.

Michelle VP said...

I feel cold after reading about your recess time! Brrrrr....

I'm looking forward to checking out the Blog Hop. I'll be in New York City for my son's birthday that day, so I may have hip hop on Sunday instead. :)

Starla said...

BRRRRR!! I so don't miss those days of standing in the snow!!
Sounds like your days have been busy like mine! (but you are much better about blogging that I~~guess I should put out a "Will be back at:" sign on my blog, hehe!!