Cleanliness is next to Godliness...

And having a clean computer room is so delightful! Admittedly, this room was becoming a catchall. I would tell my kids repeatedly to put some paper or book or nicknack "next to my computer upstairs." So on Friday when my good friend had to come up here to help the boys on the computer, I took a good look at the cluttered piles of things. Certainly it wasn't horrendous...like the cleaning shows on TV. But compared to the rest of the house, it was not good.

I took some time to clean it up yesterday. (Granted I have a laundry basket full of papers and files that need to be gone through and then purged, merged and shreaded.) This morning when I walked into the room to print of something for church, it was light and airy and calm.

Aaaah...I might even spend MORE time at my desk. :)

Or...roll up my sleeves and tackle the next "hot spot" in the house...M*'s room. (Which I have been putting off for a couple of weeks.)

(And yes WALL-E was the dumbest Pixar movie I have seen! But this is the best pix I found under "cleanliness is next to Godliness" in a google search.)


Starla said...

uggghhh....I have some of those dreaded areas that REALLY need some attention too. Maybe You should come visit me! hehe

Lin said...

it's refreshing to have a clean anything uncluttered, probably would go for our minds also. I got a new vacuum and went through our little retirement home and cleaned all the corners-now what's left is my desk, oh no.