Misguided Meijer

Meijer is my favorite store to shop at and I am a VERY loyal Meijer customer. In fact, most of my friends around here know that. One not so secret ambition/wish I have is to be in a Meijer commercial!

On Wednesday, DD had Activity Days. After I dropped her off, I went grocery shopping at Meijer. Things are getting really tight. And Ken's job is in the air. Although I have tried telling him that things are going downhill, he just isn't comprehending it as well or as quick as I would like. So I am being extra careful with purchases. Even though that is what I do every trip to the store.

But Wednesday, I was a bit surprised and not really happy with my beloved Meijer. I have noticed this a couple of times recently. But this week, it was everywhere! When an item is on sale or reduced price, there is a yellow tag underneath, covering the normal shelf sticker...that advertises the price. I tend to flip up the tag to see what the "original price" actually is. And in many cases, the advertised "regular price" is more than the regular sticker price. Thus making the customer feel that she is getting a better bargain.

For example, let's say that a can of fruit is on sale. The yellow tag advertizes the sale price as being $1.09 and the regular price being $1.49. But flip up the yellow tag, and the shelf price is actually $1.39. False advertising!!!!


So sad. And you can bet, they are going to hear from me!


Jan Scholl said...

this has been going on a long time. Have you come across an item "on sale" and found the price is more than regular price?? Target does this too. I always stock up on items I use a lot of but find myself shopping the internet for not perishables now. Amazon is great for this.

at least both stores still pay the bounty if you catch a misprice.

Lin said...

go for it, let them know they have smart customers like you. I too hate dishonesty in any form.