Zippers 101

Use it up, wear it out;

Make do or do without.

Tonight, I had to make do. Mck's winter coat's zipper broke last week and the weather is turning cold. The same thing happened last year so we had to get a new coat for this year. The slider broke in half. (Typically, I try to get the coats to last 2 years, if possible.) So I went to Joanns and bought a zipper replacement kit...that didn't work.

So, 20 minutes before the store closed, I zipped back over there...bought a 2 foot zipper and returned the replacement kit.

Came home...and started the long process of ripping out the old zipper and sewing in the new. Actually, the ripping out was easy. The putting in tricky. On the second side, I ended up sewing the back facing to the zipper and then the front. The back had about an 1/8 of an inch selvage...much too hard to pick up all the layers with that small margin to work with. Esp. since one of the layer is thick fluff/insulation.

I'm glad I could fix it even though it took a few hours and a broken needle, ripping out the resewn parts many times and a few stomping fits. I suppose if I had done that late lastspring, her other coat would have lasted 2 years.


KOstvig said...

COngrats on a job well done I am sure...what size coat does she wear...I might have a few hanging around waiting for more use;)

KOstvig said...

Oh I forgot to say that is one of my favorite quotes...Great words to Live by!

wispy willow said...

Good job, Mom!! I always hated putting in zippers. I actually made my husband a couple of pair of levis in my superwoman days when I thought I had to "do it all"
I'm ever so happy I got that nutty idea out of my system. At any rate...the zippers were the part of that experiment in frustration that made me want to toss my fabulous new Bernina off the roof.
So... I for one, am proud of you!

Hey, I got the most wonderful surprise in the mail today! It was a birthday card from a very sweet and kind young lady who made more than the card she sent. She made my day and left me skipping down the lane at the Hollow. Thank you so much!! I also got one of your cards from Lin... so I now have two. They're wonderful! I'm saving them forever. My sister taught me years ago to tuck notes,letters, and cards from friends, hubby, kids into jacket pockets, sock drawers, junk drawers, under the seat of the car... whereever you might stumble on them randomly. It's amazing how it's like receiving them for the first time and how happy it makes me. Your card is hiding somewhere in a box of summer pants and shoes to be enjoyed again when warm weather comes to our home next spring.
Thanks again, Dawn

Barb Nelson said...

Love this mantra Dawn! My kids are good at making do, and I'm good at doing without, LOL. Great job on making do.......you're still my hero.

Stampin_Melissa said...

KUDOS to you Dawn! I'd never try something like this! My DS coat lost it's zipper pull and I'm about ready to toss it! I've been to Wal-Mart AND JoAnns and can't find a zipper pull for it. (I'm not paying the $13 for the replacement kit.) Just a zipper pull, I know I've seen those things around.

QuiltNut Creations said...

i tried that a few years ago and gave up lol. congrats on fixing it!

Great Grandma Lin said...

congrats to you and your mom who i'm sure taught you to sew and put in zippers. too many young mothers don't know how to sew anymore. it saves a ton of money to know how to do some mending when needed. good job!