M* makes do

Or I could title this post:

And so the rat race begins!

I got up and promised the kids pancakes for breakfast since today is the first day of snow sticking to the ground. Which means it is time for boots and snowpants, the requirement for playing on the playground.

The kids got ready and I quickly checked my email, slickdeals, etc. I didn't even get to the challenge page b/c there was a boot slick deal for DD. Sketchers.com had boots on sale with an additional 20% off and free shipping. Oooh yeah!

During our first run to the fabric store on Saturday night, M* and I ran into Target to buy her some boots. When I saw that I could get 2 pairs of boots about the same price that I paid for ONE pair, I asked her if she could "make do" with the small boots for about a week. She agreed.

So, then I had to hustle before the inventory ran out, cancel my first order b/c no sane mother in MI would buy unlined boots for their DD, get the kids to help with lunches today, make pancakes, find all the right sizes for snowpants and hustle #1 and #2 out the door. Whew.

Oh yeah...and snap a pic of them in their snow gear.

Cleaned up the kitchen, straightened the house, and typed up this entry...NOW maybe I can squeeze in a card before heading out to do my visiting teaching and other errands...like returning the original pair of boots!

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Susan said...

are you training these kids to be models? they sure have the stance...and aren't they cute!